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The first All-Terrain/All-Weather Cane that helps prevent slips and falls!

Posted by Marcello C. on
The first All-Terrain/All-Weather Cane that helps prevent slips and falls!

A study conducted by the Research Center for Prosthetics Veterans Administration concluded that few orthopedic canes tested truly safe under any ice condition, no tested cane tip offered acceptable performance on slick tile. The study concluded that of all the 14 cane tips that were tested none were geometrically designed to provide sufficient stability or traction on wet/slippery surfaces. (Bulletin of Prosthetics Research).

Take a step forward into the future with the BigFoot Articulating Cane Tip, the first of its kind. Made from high grade rubber tread material, our BigFoot Tip provides more traction and surface area support than any other cane tip in the market over, over a 12x greater surface area!

The days of flimsy small circular tips are a thing of the past.

Slip resistant tread, provides users the confidence to take the BigFoot Cane on almost any terrain or weather condition. The newest standard in mobility aids, it’s performance and functionality are unmatched.

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