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Big Foot Cane: World Class Stability


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The BigFoot Cane actually helps you walk WITH your cane instead of BEHIND it.  

Its bent-tube design & forward-facing handgrip create a neutral balance point. This helps you stand with correct posture — and allows you to “walk tall” with confidence! 

What you’ll enjoy about walking with the BigFoot Cane: 

  • Sure-footed CONTROL because of the non-slip articulating base
  • BETTER BALANCE due to the neutral balance point created by the forward-facing handgrip and bent-tube design
  • STABILITY & TRACTION — the BigFoot base covers up to 12 times more surface area than a regular crutch tip
  • Shock-absorbing dampeners in the articulating base result in LESS WEAR & TEAR on your body

More About The BigFoot Cane

The BigFoot Cane’s advanced tread design lets you walk anywhere with confidence!

You can amble through a shopping mall or a park . . . on grass or concrete, even on snow. The BigFoot’s  leaf-spring design and shock-absorbing dampeners lessen the impact of walking, which means decreased wear and tear on your body. The result? Less fatigue, so you can walk for longer periods of time. 

We designed the handgrip of soft, compressive foam to reduce pressure on your wrist and hands. This makes it ideal for folks who have arthritis or hand injuries. (Plus it’s easy to clean.) 

The forward-facing handgrip and bent-tube design of the cane combine to create a neutral point of balance. When you walk, this neutral point makes it easier for you to remain stable

It’s easier to stand up and sit down using the BigFoot Cane. It’s compact, lightweight, and strong. The height can be adjusted to fit almost everyone. Very practical!

From top to bottom — ergonomic handgrip to BigFoot base — this cane is better designed than other canes. Plus it looks cool; the tubing finish is similar to what you see on high-end automobiles. (Definitely not cheap-looking enamel like what you see other other canes.) 

Some people say the D-shaped bent-tube design, articulating foot, and premium satin finish make it the coolest looking off-the-rack cane on the market.  

Order a BigFoot Cane today for yourself — or as a gift for a family member or friend.


  • Quotes from Doctors & Medical Professionals

    “For walking-impaired people . . . this is a life changer.” — Dr. Michael Swank (about Dynamo products)

    “ . . . allows for a more normal gait without loss of momentum or a long recovery phase that is seen with crutches. My college students hurrying around campus love it.” — Dr. Matthew Langenderfer (about SportSwings)

  • Care & Maintenance

    BigFoot — Lubricate the foot-ankle “joint” occasionally. Use a dry silicone lubricant; apply carefully so it doesn’t spread to the foot tread.

    All Dynamo products are latex-free.