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Our Know-How & Experience

Why you haven’t heard of us before: We spent 3 years developing each part from bottom to top — foot, frame, handgrip, axilla — using ergonomic principles before launching our first product. (When it comes to our products, we’re perfectionists.) We wanted to ensure high quality & function at a value price.

Offices in China — so we can maintain the highest quality control of our products. 

Decades of experience in wholesale & retail markets.

Worldwide distribution capability from more than a dozen warehouses & fulfillment centers in the US. 

Mass-market products (not “me too”) based on leading edge technology — Dynamo mobility devices can help people around the world. 

Experienced, in-house product design team dedicated to vigorous product testing means highest quality at a fair price.

Dynamo successfully launched its new product line this year. SportSwings recently jumped to #9 in the crutches category on Amazon, and has been cited as “Best Crutch in the World.” Our PrimeStick is already in the top 20 of hiking poles & canes on Amazon.


William Scott  CEO, DynaMD and — William Scott’s name is on nearly 100 patents relating to medical devices and ergonomics. In his previous career in financial services, William served as Regional Sales Manager for Merrill Lynch and Prudential, where he managed more than 2,000 employees. He is a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) through the Wharton Business School. 

DynaMD Leadership
CHAIRMAN — Wiilliam Scott
CO-CHAIR — Matthew Langenderfer

DynaMD China



Matthew Langenderfer, MD  Orthopedic Surgeon — Dr. Langenderfer has performed more than 15,000 reconstruction surgeries for shoulders, hips and knees affected by sports injuries or degenerative diseases. He performs minimally invasive total-hip replacements and more than 300 total-joint replacements annually.

Michael L. Swank, MD  Orthopedic Surgeon — Dr. Swank is the Senior Research Advisor for DynaMD and an expert in the field of walking mobility. His work in orthopedics brings him in contact with poorly designed mobility products daily. He’s interested in how Dynamo’s designs will improve posture, weight bearing distribution, impact stability factors and emotional trauma.

Dr. Joseph Cuiffi  Dr. Cuiffi is the Director of Research & Product Development for DynaMD, and an Assistant Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University. He was the co-founder and VP of Engineering and Production at NanoHorizons Inc., a bio-chemical startup company. 

Dr. Marsha Eifert-Mangine  ED.D, PT, ATC — As an associate professor at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Dr. Eifert-Mangine’s teaching responsibilities include kinesiology, therapeutic modalities, and research design. She is a certified trainer for the National Athletic Trainers Association, and has served as athletic trainer for the U.S. National Diving Team.

Todd Kelley, MD  Orthopedic Surgeon —  Dr. Kelley is Resident Physician and Assistant Professor in the Orthopedic Surgery Department at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. 

Robert E. Mangine M.ED, PT, ATC — Robert E. (Bob) Mangine supervises the world-renowned sports medicine program at the University of Cincinnati, which encompasses orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine, and physiotherapy. He currently serves as National Director of Sports Physical Therapy Clinical Residency for NovaCare.

Dr. Dominic Rizzo  DPM, FACFAS — Dr. Rizzo is co-founder and chairman of the American Orthoplastic Microsurgical Society, as well as founder and director of the Cincinnati Lower Extremeity Reconstructive Institute, which collaborates with national medical professionals to advance limb salvage and reconstruction. Dr. Rizzo is actively involved in the research and development of orthopedic devices. 

Joseph Temming, MD  RHEUMATOLOGIST —  Dr. Temming specializes in diagnostic musculoskeleetal ultrasound, and in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout. 

Dr. Charles Mehlman  DO, MPH — Dr. Mehlman completed outcomes research and clinical epidemiolgy training at the Harvard School of Public Health and McMaster University. Clinical interests include evidence-based orthopedic surgery, fractures and sports trauma, and limb reconstruction. Dr. Mehlman is an editorial board reviewer for the Journal of Children’s Orthopedics, the Journal of Orthopedic Trauma, and the Spine Journal. He also is a contributor to multiple orthopedic textbooks, including the Orthopedic Knowledge Update Series. 


Do you need a mobility aid due to injury, illness, or surgery? Dynamo devices can place you on the path to a more pleasant recovery. 

When you need walking assistance, it’s important to have confidence in the device you choose. You want to feel stable, balanced, and in control. 

Dynamo canes, crutches, and walking sticks are designed to prevent feeling unstable during everyday activities, especially walking up and down stairs. Dynamo devices work in harmony with your body so you can pursue the passions you want to sooner — without pain and fatigue holding you back. 

The Dynamo team used science-based principles to reinvent outdated crutches, canes, walking sticks, and trekking poles. In clinical studies of post-injury/post-surgery patients, users experienced greater comfort, improved functionality, and decreased recovery time when using Dynamo devices.