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Cyclone Cane

Cyclone Versa

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BigFoot Cane


BigFoot Versa


Stability or Agility Visual

Choose The Best Option For You!

Benefits of Agility: The Cyclone foot is quick and reliable, it channels water and flexes to provide support and maximum grip for uneven surfaces. Use when you need some support and compact size then the Cyclone foot is the choice for you.

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Benefits of Mobility: The BigFoot base is molded after the foot to provide ample support and covers up to 12x more surface area than common base tips means greater traction. Shock absorbing dampeners to all but eliminate hard, repeated, jarring contact the surface; exceptional control and less wear and tear on the body.

Patented Technology


Orthopedic Surgeon Feedback

Physical Therapist Recommended 

SportSwings are so different & such an improvement we don’t even call them crutches. They’re designed to be more stable, more comfortable, and to more closely mimic normal gait.
Dr. Charles Mehlman
Orthopedic Surgeon
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