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SportSwings Are Rated The Safest and Easiest To Use By Medical Professionals. Check Out These Videos Below!

Dynamo - Dynamic Mobility 

At the heart of Dynamo lies a proprietary design methodology we call, SwingTechnology. It is purpose- designed to help patients return as close to the optimal “swing-through” walking gait as their condition allows.

Safely. Comfortably. And In Style.

Swing Technology involves completely redesigning and reshaping each component—the axillary pad, grip, base and frame. We then integrate, align and balance these components to function as a highly efficient system to achieve unprecedented levels of comfort, stability and energy-efficiency.

The premise of Swing Technology is to imitate the way human beings walk — crutches, canes and walkers don’t. We have spent thousands of hours analyzing complex physics and ergonomic principals related to walking and have come to the conclusion that mobility aids should behave similarly. We’ve taken this new knowledge and designed replacements for crutches, canes and walkers.

SportSwings are so different & such an improvement we don’t even call them crutches. They’re designed to be more stable, more comfortable, and to more closely mimic normal gait.
Dr. Charles Melmhan

Dynamo Pouch

The Two-Way Convertible Bag
This convenient, convertible bag is a pouch when you attach it to a crutch or walker — a practical bag when you detach it on the fly.


The Dynamo Pouch is designed to work the way you work and live. Did we mention that it's convertible? It quickly and easily detaches from the crutch or walker for use as a personal bag. Great for kids and adults on the go. Use it for day trips, sports, vacation, shopping or school.
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