Crossbow Tech Frame — The first time you see the Cyclone Cane, you notice that it’s not like its competitors at all. The bend located at the base of the frame creates stability and performance for its users. We called it Crossbow Tech because it reminded us of the power and stability of a crossbow. It allows the user to have a center of balance with the device from the moment they grasp the handgrip.


Handgrip —The handgrip features our pressure-relieving technology. The user squeezes the grip on each side horizontally; this allows less pressure build-up throughout the day.

Fitment — It’s very easy to adjust to your height, so you’ll be able to start using it in minutes. Just unlock the clip, move the post to your desired height, then re-lock the clip. 


Style — Having a product that functions exactly how you want is great, but incorporating modern design for the user is just as important. At Dynamo we never want to the user to feel embarrassed about using a mobility device. All of our products are based on modern, sleek design principles.


Foot — We offer two kinds of feet based on whether the user requires AGILITY or STABILITY. The AGILITY option is the Cyclone Cane. It features the Cyclone SuperFoot, which is based on patent pending, all-weather traction technology. The BigFoot Cane is the STABILITY option. Its foot-sized BigFoot base has full range articulating motion to mimic the walking gait of a human.

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