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Get a Grip of the Future

Posted by Kyle R. on
Get a Grip of the Future

At Dynamo we want to make the experience of being on medical devices as comfortable as possible. It has taken decades of firsthand experience to create products with a superior level of comfort and functionality as featured in the Dynamo product line. All of the handgrips on our devices were designed for maximum comfort and this didn’t happen by chance. The BigFoot and Cyclone canes are designed to articulate like a human foot, the handgrips have the same technology. We used the natural curvature of the human hand to formulate our patent-pending grip. Why is it important to add these physiological features of our bodies into our products? It’s simple, comfort! By incorporating anatomy concepts into our products, we create human technology that is truly custom for us.

When we look at other competitors, such as HurryCane, it is clear that these devices have had the same outdated design for years with no improvements. It’s time for a new era of design and technology to help those who rely on mobility aid devices live their lives with dignity and vigor. You should never have to settle when it comes to your comfort and support, so let us support you! Standout and be different with a device that sports innovative technology. It’s time to take your freedom back and you won’t want to let go once you experience how comfort and stability feels in the Dynamo handgrip...

...Go on, get a grip!


Check out the Dynamo website for more information on the Dynamo product line and future product releases.

Live in style and never settle.


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