At Dynamo, we truly believe that mobility aid devices should EMPOWER their users.

For far too long, mobility aid manufacturers have been producing devices that use outdated technology, are unpleasant to the eye, and – in some cases – are more dangerous for patients to use! That’s because these such companies have their priorities all wrong, simply focused on lowering costs to make a quick buck from those who may be vulnerable.

That’s why Dynamo was created. We design innovative devices with YOU in mind! Every part of the design process is focused on creating advanced technology to help the user have a safer, more comfortable, and satisfying experience. We want to help you live your life with dignity and vigor. Therefore, we wanted to address the stigma associated with walking canes.

Surgeons will tell you that many patients, when advised to use a cane post-surgery, are often met with some push back. Or simply someone who is aging may delay using a cane, despite needing one, simply because of its stigma. There are two issues with this. Firstly, you put yourself at risk of re-injury or new injuries by not using a mobility aid device when it is needed. Secondly, you create bad habits by altering your walking gait. For instance, if you begin to walk with a limp, it is most likely that you will form a new walking pattern that incorporates a limp. Both of these factors can have serious health repercussions, and even speed up the aging process.

So, what options does a cane-user have in dealing with this stigma? Great question! Like we stated in the first sentence of this article, we truly believe that mobility aid devices should EMPOWER their users. Dynamo has three different options for cane-users – all of which feature innovative technology for superior support and comfort, in sleek designs and colorways:

  • PrimeStick – the World’s First Urban Walking Stick that also triples as a trekking pole and a cane. The PrimeStick is great for those early in their transition to a cane. It provides that little bit of extra support while appearing as a fashionable walking stick. It’s easy to adjust, sturdy, and lightweight with an EVA foam handgrip for a comfortable experience. 
  • Cyclone Cane – the safest cane you can buy. The Cyclone Cane is balanced while you walk to help improve your posture, thanks to the patent-pending bend toward the bottom of the frame. The forward-facing, ergonomic handgrip relieves pressure in the hands and wrists, and the Cyclone Foot tip excels on all-terrains, no matter the weather! It has a greater surface area than a regular cane tip, in an agile, compact size.
  • BigFoot Cane – the ultimate choice for stability. The BigFoot Cane features all the same advanced features as the Cyclone Cane. The noticeable difference is in the Foot (tip). The BigFoot Cane sports Dynamo’s most stable articulating tip, for a sure-footed experience.

A cane is nothing to be ashamed of and we fully understand that. We are confident you will find the perfect device for you at Dynamo. We are doing our best to combat the stigma surrounding canes by creating devices with increased functionality, with a modern-day look and feel…

…Because your cane should be as trendy as you are young at heart!