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Did you know that using a regular cane can lead you down the path to instability?

Posted by Marcello C on
Did you know that using a regular cane can lead you down the path to instability?


Throw away your regular / substandard cane, which can lead you down the path of old age and instability. Research shows that once people start relying on a cane, they stop trying to improve their strength — and then their health starts to go downhill.

Instead, use a cane that can help IMPROVE your health.

Walking canes are supposed to be designed to help users with their independence and mobility, and to reduce joint pain. Contrary to popular belief, most of these traditional canes do not promote recovery from injuries, reduce joint pain, or allow for muscular improvement. (Which means, of course, that they don’t fulfill their purpose of helping users with independence or mobility.)

Most traditional canes have a backward-facing palm grip. This offsets the body’s natural gait pattern and causes the user to overextend their lower posterior in a “hunched over” position. This leads to worsening posture conditions, especially in those who suffer from osteoporosis. 

The Dynamo BigFoot Cane features a forward-facing compressive handgrip that’s easy on the joints and places the hands and wrist in a natural position. The Crossbow Tech Frame™ helps users maintain an upright posture to “walk tall” with confidence.




Take advantage of this technological breakthrough and pre-order yours today!

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