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Check Out These Features Of The Prime Stick!

Check Out These Features Of The Cyclone Cane!


Inspired by effective tire tread design, this oversized, flexible tip base maintains constant surface contact through every stride. 50% more coverage than standard tips. Reliable, enhanced traction on virtually any terrain, especially wet surfaces. 


Best Rated Cane On Amazon!

Barb H. 

Amazon Satisfied Customer

Love this stick. Walking with a Cane hurt my back because I was bent over. Now when I am doing a lot of walking I can feel steady on my feet. I am always afraid I will fall. This walking stick solved my problem. I love it and have recommended it to many of my friends.


Amazon Satisfied Customer

I 100% recommend. I'm only 28 years old. I was diagnosed with a few autoimmune diseases and developed IA. Fortunately I don't have to use mobility aid all the time just on my flar up days. My arthritis is in my hip, hands, toes, and ankles. I would get horrible pains in my hand and wrist that would last days after using a regular cane. I've tried so many different types of canes. I was recommended this. It is great. It is very light. Just as light as my regular canes. It is so comfortable and you move so much easier and without any noise! So far it is great and definitely worth it! I wish it was on prime though it took a while to get here and UPS delivered it in a busted box. Luckily the cane wasn't messed up.


Amazon Satisfied Customer

I learned of your walking stick from Bob & Brad Physical Therapists on YouTube. I already had a Campbell Cane but wanted to try this walking stick. I love this stick. The Campbell Cane is awkward for me on the handle and I have never gotten used to it. The handle on this walking stick is comfortable and ergonomically comfortable. I also like the foot on it better than the Campbell Cane. True to its word I took the dynamoMe Prime Stick out on slick terrain after a storm and it did not slide out from under me. I highly recommend this Primestick. I got the alien green and I love it.

R. Kneeland

Amazon Satisfied Customer

Quality product. Very sturdy under hand. The wider handle feels great and takes significant pressure off your hand and wrist. Great for people with arthritis.