Whether you're recovering from an injury, a little unsteady or just have limited movement, a mobility aid can usually make life easier and more comfortable. Not to mention, give you the independance to walk, run and play freely on your own time!

You might need to get one if you're having pain or difficulty walking. However, if you've been experiencing pain in your joints, muscles or bones, trouble walking and requiring furniture or walls to steady yourself, or trouble at work or finding balance when standing up from sitting down...a mobility aid might be a great way to start adding more stability to your daily routines.

Mobility aids are important tools for people who have difficulties with balance and walking, but picking one can be challenging for some people. A great mobility aid will help you walk more safely, comfortably and independently. It should also be easy to use, so that you don't become frustrated by it in everyday life.


The Dynamo Difference

There are many different types of mobility aids available on the market today: walking sticks, crutches, canes, walkers and so much more. At Dynamo, we provide 3 Levels of Mobility Aids.


Level I: Prime Stick

LIGHT SUPPORT. Prime Stick is the first hybrid cane that converts to a walking stick AND a trekking pole! The foam-covered Prime Stick quickly adjusts from 34” to 56” in a snap. Helps your posture by encouraging you to stand up straighter. Built for indoors and outdoors.


Level 2: Cyclone Cane: *BEST SELLER*

STABILITY SUPPORT. With the V-Tech Grip this handle is engineered to fit your entire palm, not just your fingers. Providing every user with a comfy, compressive rubber-like grip reduces pressure on your wrists and hands.  The Cyclone Cane Tip rocks forward and backward, allowing the tip surface to remain in contact with the ground surface longer for a more excellent grip. Take it wherever adventure takes you! Great on surfaces such as sand, grass, gravel, or carpets--no issues for Cyclone Cane!

You can now shop Cyclone Cane in stores at your local Walmart in locations all across America!

Level 3: Swing Cane

MAXIMUM SUPPORT. This may be the best cane ever designed – it beats every cane on the market for balance, stability, and functionality. And we mean…all of them, it’s a beautiful beast. Swing Cane is the best when sitting and standing to and from a chair and supports 300 lbs of pressure on the grip and shaft. Fits anyone up to 6’4” or so, any body-shape. Built with safety and peace of mind, you'll be so glad to have Swing Cane with you on any adventure.


Interested in trying one or all of Dynamo's device? Visit dynamome.com to see which one is best for you!