There are many types of canes on the market and they all perform differently in their own way. These canes range from posture canes, classic canes, and walk with canes but don’t think that all of them are necessarily created equal. Customers are presented with a plethora of choices when choosing their favorite medical device so which one will suite the best?


Taking a look at posture canes these are usually completely different than the other two because of one major feature. The hand grips. Posture canes are very similar to another device people use when hiking to keep their balance when trekking up a mountain and that’s where we get the name trekking poles. Dynamo actually makes a posture cane for the urban use but what make this better other the others? This device is for people who already have stability but just need something to keep them from getting too fatigued through the day. Check out the Prime Stick! 

Next category is the walk-to canes and these are much different from postures canes and trekking poles. The hand grips for these devices are “T” shaped and the base of the cane varies from each manufacturer. However, there is one feature that all these devices have in common no matter what and that has to deal with how they're designed to be used. They are called walk-to canes because the user has to place the device in front of them every time to move the device. This creates an unstable relationship with the device and the user because of lack of stability but there is one device left that can change all of that.

Our last category is called a walk with cane and this operates completely different than the last two categories because of how the device is designed. This device has a Forward-Facing Palm Grip instead of a “t” shaped grip which helps with stability for the user. The second feature this has is a fully articulating foot which strides with the user with every step. That is what makes this a walk with device because of the full range in motion.

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