Dynamo has created the "Best Cane Ever". We make lightweight, durable and functional canes designed to get you where you need to go with style! Our innovative designs have been praised by physicians and customers all over the world who've found that Cyclone Cane gives them the freedom they need to live their lives on their terms.


Our Inspiration

Dynamo was founded by William Scott in 2016 in South Florida to solve the need for functional, but most importantly safe, mobility aids. Mr. Scott personally suffered multiple injuries and endured over 1,000 days on wheelchairs, crutches, and canes—then even suffered a re-injury on a set of standard crutches. He understood the need for safe mobility devices after recognizing many issues with functionality and safety. Mr. Scott got to work designing and planning the Dynamo line, wanting to make sure what we were designing was high-quality, comfortable as well as safe. It took years but with the help of our medical advisory board of over 50 Physicians (from the Fields of Sports Medicine, Podiatry, and Orthopedics) we were able to design exactly what this industry needed: safe, high-quality, functional mobility aids. Our quality products are comfortable, built to last and designed to get you moving again. 

We Make "The Best Cane Ever"

The Dynamo Cyclone is not just a cane. It's a lifestyle, a way of life to get you out, enjoying your life. We make the best cane you'll ever own, and we're not just saying that because we believe it. We know it because our customers have told us so.

Cyclone Cane offers style and stability. One unique product feature is the Cyclone Tip: an all terrain tip. It flexes to create a better surface balance and channels away water when you come in contact with it on the ground, similar to an all terrain tire! You can take Cyclone Cane with you through rain, snow, sand, stairs....wherever your active lifestyle takes you! Shouldn't the ones you love have the best cane you can buy?

Cyclone Cane also features a soft, wide handle grip that wicks pressure away from the wrists and fingers. Perfect for those with delicate hands or difficulty with grip.

On top of that, have you seen how gorgeous this cane is? Cyclone Cane doesn't embarrass you in public. Made from a light-weight aluminum as strong as steel, Cyclone Cane is featured in a variety of sleek colors. We wanted to create something that would make people show off their new lifestyle with Dynamo! Bold, beautiful urban design so you can feel confident.



We hope this gives you a better idea of who we are and what we do. Our mission is to help people live the lifestyle they deserve. So grab a Cyclone Cane online at dynamome.com and take us with you wherever you go!