For Immediate Release, Naples, FL 3/24/2020

Introducing the Prime Stick’s the first specifically designed urban walking stick. No more do you have to be embarrassed to use that trekking pole again. The fun and fashionable, Prime Stick looks good—and works great—in any setting. From a dress-up night out on the a casual stroll through the park. From a hike over rocky a workout on wet, sandy beaches. 

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Prime Stick’s inner aluminum post unlocks with a simple twist of the wrist, extending from its base height of approximately 31 inches to a fits-everybody height of up to 55 inches for added leverage. Twist to relock, and Prime Stick’s ready to go!

To learn more about this revolutionary product; check out our Prime Stick page here or our 30 sec youtube product video here

About Me: Kyle Rex, is the marketing manager at Dynamo and works collaboratively with the team on messaging the company’s products to enrich and improve the lives of individuals. I’ve been living in Florida for more than ten years after relocating from Wisconsin to further my studies at Florida Gulf Coast University. After advancing my career over the last 7 years, it has led me to Dynamo and the opportunity to be a part of its compelling mission and vision.