There is no age discrimination when it comes to the PrimeStick, an innovative product from Dynamo.

Perhaps you are getting a bit older and still want to be active. Maybe you are recovering from a leg or foot injury and need a little help getting around. Or you just happen to like having some extra support when you are hiking or enjoying a walk outdoors.

There is a product on the market now that fits all of those needs and much more. It is called PrimeStick. Traditional walking sticks and trekking poles aren’t designed for city use. PrimeStick fills that need.

From its patented Cyclone Foot all the way up to the EVA Polyfoam handgrip, this device screams craftsmanship. It is like a cane, but not a cane. It is better than a cane from the ground up. It is cool and stylish as well. It was designed to be the ultimate urban walking stick and trekking pole and anyone can use it.

The Cyclone Foot has a tire tread design, which comes in very handy with wet surfaces. The reliable, enhanced traction gives you assurance and peace of mind on virtually any terrain. The oversized, flexible tip base maintains constant surface contact through every stride. It gives you 50 percent more coverage than standard tips. This broader, rubber coverage absorbs contact on concrete, or any surface for that matter, much better than the traditional pointed metal tip.

The handgrip is forward facing, giving you much more stability. Since it is EVA Polyfoam, it has a squishy feel. It gives you more control than traditional grips. It treats your hands much nicer too, as most grips are made of hard plastic.

The PrimeStick is adjustable as well. One size does not fit all. However, the right size is just a simple twist away. It can be adjusted to accommodate any situation. An easy twist to loosen and a quick twist the opposite direction tightens it back up.

The strong, yet lightweight, aluminum post unlocks easily with a simple twist of the wrist and is locked again with another easy twist. Then the PrimeStick is ready to go. It extends to fit anyone and can go up to 56 inches. Most cane heights are 33.8 inches, but with the PrimeStick, you choose what is comfortable, whether you are using it as a walking stick or a trekking pole. The added leverage while getting some exercise is noticeable and welcome for whatever you may be doing. And there is just one length adjustment point. The simplicity is welcome compared to many hiking sticks that have two adjustment points and are awkward to adjust.

The weight capacity is rated for 99 percent of users. The foam is designed to withstand the elements and will look great for years. Plus, it comes with an attractive drawstring carry bag for storage. It’s lightweight, compact and versatile.

The PrimeStick is also a balance aid for physical therapy. It was recommended by Bob and Brad, the most famous physical therapists on YouTube. Just do a search "How To Improve Your Balance While Walking" and see for yourselves.

Like the Dynamo website states, the PrimeStick “combines agility, reliability, mobility, balance and freedom to the MAX.” Indeed, it does.

The PrimeStick is an all-in-1 device. You can just get out and walk without having to assemble anything before hand. It really is an all-in-1, all-terrain, all-weather device.

The PrimeStick really can be used by anyone in so many ways. Give it a try.