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SwingLink Technology reduces the chance of falling while on crutches!

Posted by Kyle R. on
SwingLink Technology reduces the chance of falling while on crutches!

Patent Pending designed SwingLink teathers your crutches together.

Every pair of Sport Swing crutches includes an option that adds an extra margin of safety and stability, which may help them heal faster and get off of crutches quicker, it’s a removable strap that temporarily connects the two crutches across the back that prevents the crutches from slipping forward and causing a fall. 


Prevent Forward slip out falls from crutches

The SWINGLINK - A Revolution In Confidence And Control

  • The SwingLink patented safety tether system links both frames to work in Unison
  • Reduces the risk of tripping, falling and sudden, sideways "slip-outs" to almost 100%
  • Helps set a safer, pre-determined, stride that can be easily adjusted to accommodate the body’s dynamic healing process
  • Refer to the included instruction booklet for proper use and sizing of the Swing Link Tether Strap

Will Scott, CEO is especially excited about what the company calls the SwingLink Safety Tether System. “Physicians and physical therapists tell us it is the single most important mobility device enhancement, ever.”

To learn more about the SwingLink included with the Sport Swings click here...

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