It’s never fun dealing with an injury. What’s even worse is when you extend the recovery time because of a fall. You may even have an added injury.

A designer for Dynamo knows what it is like to use crutches. This person spent time on crutches as a youth. Regular crutches are not stable. You can fall, have slip outs and possibly even injure your wrist.

You don’t have to worry about that any more. There is a product available that is so much better than crutches. It is called SportSwings. It is the newest technology in modern crutches.

SportSwings are unique and the start of a whole new way of helping those on crutches. They are designed to get you better faster, reduce the risk of falling from forward slip outs, take pressure off your hands and offer a frame that keeps the foot planted for added safety.

In fact, doctors have reported a greater compliance with patients who use SportSwings because they’re able to walk with a more normal gait. Overall recovery time is shorter.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not.

With SportSwings you can walk more smoothly while recovering. Designers, orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists have come together to design this high-performance system that has great comfort, stability and much better performance than traditional crutches, which quite frankly, are awkward, uncomfortable, unstable and even ugly. SportSwings really do help you get back to your normal self quicker.

SportSwings was recommended by Bob and Brad, the most famous physical therapists on YouTube. Just do a search for “Safest & Easiest Crutches To Use, Top 5 Reasons" and see for yourselves. These two therapists called crutches difficult to use and even dangerous.They liked SportSwings over typical crutches because of ergonomic adjustments that have been made.

Comparing the two is really not even fair. Starting at the bottom, a typical crutch has what looks like a tip. SportSwings has a foot, which is made of rubber, has great traction and grips surfaces like a shoe would. The foot has what appears to be an ankle joint, striking the ground heel first. It absorbs shock as you move along so that your body has less stress on it. On surfaces that may have ice, snow, mud or are wet, it gives you much more traction.

SportSwings has grips that fit to your hands nicely and are ergonomic. There is a left and a right so it fits your palm just right and your wrist can relax. Regular crutches have round grips that cane spin on you, creating more strain on the wrist. SportSwings is a lot more comfortable, especially if you can’t use a foot or leg, because it takes more pressure off the weight-bearing side.

Next up is the frame. SportSwings is wider than crutches. This is good because you can fit your hand on the grips better.

The Convex Axilla pad on SportSwings fits better into your armpit. When using crutches, you are not supposed to bear your weight on your armpits, but most people do. If you do, SportSwings will be much better for you as it is more comfortable

The final feature on SportSwings is not found with crutches. This product comes with a SwingLink safety tether system, which links both crutch frames and essentially eliminates the top cause of re-injury and slip-outs. It basically gives you a hug across your back while you are walking. How cool is that?

SportSwings can be adjusted with your fingers for the height needed in a quick and easy way. The top and lower part of SportSwings adjust to get the perfect fit under your arm and for your hand grip.

An added feature that no other crutch has is added soft grip spots to assist you if needed in sitting down or standing up. No need to worry about falling or bending a knee that is healing.

Why would you even use crutches now? SportSwings are the future, so start swinging away.