Dynamo has released their latest innovative device to hit the market, the Prime Stick; the world’s first urban cane. Traditional walking sticks and trekking poles aren’t designed for city use and Prime Stick fills that need. It's the perfect hybrid device for active seniors and recreational walkers & trekkers. You can use the Prime Stick on a city sidewalk as a cane or walking stick, then meander onto a city park trail and use it as a trekking pole. 


Prime Stick was designed from bottom to top to be the ultimate adjustable stick for casual walking and trekking. In just three seconds, you can adjust the Prime Stick’s height up to 56 inches with its easy-to-use twist lock function. The patent-pending Cyclone Foot™ flexes for reliable traction on virtually any terrain. Its all-weather tread channels away water and debris like a racecar tire, ensuring you can walk anywhere, anytime, in any weather. 


Prime Stick additionally features an EVA foam handgrip that feels comfortably springy. The grip is sweat-absorbing and non-slip which helps to lower the impact of each step. The grip’s ergonomic design allows even the heartiest of recreational trekkers to feel at ease throughout their hike, with Dynamo’s wrist tether to provide sufficient wrist support. Prime Stick also has a lightweight aluminum core with a foam-covered upper post you can grip anywhere.

The Prime Stick is lightweight. Compact. Versatile.

Prime Stick acts as a transitional device and is a great alternative for folks who SHOULD use a cane for balance but aren’t quite ready for that stage of life. The Prime Stick provides the perfect amount of stability and agility for walkers, trekkers, and active seniors alike.


ONE MORE THING: if you've just had elective surgery and need to get back into shape, PrimeStick is a great exercise tool.

World-famous physical therapists Bob & Brad explain how in this video:  


The Prime Stick has numerous beneficial features and caters to a wide variety of needs. Don’t believe us? Check out these independent reviews:

  • “So pleased with this Prime Stick! It is substantial but lightweight and the larger rubber base really helps with my balance. I feel far more stable on walking trails when I’m using it. The height is also adjustable which is a definite plus and a nice mesh storage bag is included. I will also be purchasing one for my mother who has balance and eyesight issues as this will help tremendously to reduce her risk of falling. She is a young 89 and says that using a cane makes her feel fragile and elderly. I think this Prime Stick will eliminate these stigmas while keeping her safe. Great product!” – Anonymous
  • “I learned of [the Prime Stick] from Bob & Brad Physical Therapists on YouTube. I already had a Campbell Cane but wanted to try this walking stick. I love this stick. The Campbell Cane is awkward for me on the handle and I have never gotten used to it. The handle on the Prime Stick is ergonomically comfortable. I also like the Foot on it better than the Campbell Cane. True to its word, I took the Dynamo Prime Stick out on slick terrain after a storm and it did not slide out from under me. I highly recommend this PrimeStick. I got it in midnight green and I love it.” – Anonymous
  • “I am very pleased with this high-quality walking stick. It is substantial, very sturdy, and the flexible tip is a real plus. I recently had a fall and broke my hand, so I was looking for a walking stick that would provide good stability for my walks around my neighborhood. This one fits the bill. I have ordered a second one so I can use two at the same time for added protection. I couldn’t be more pleased.” – Nancy R.


About Dynamo:

Founded in 2016, Dynamo is literally reshaping expectations for how 21st century mobility devices should look, feel and perform.

The company, headquartered in Naples, Florida, is the creator of “swing technology.” This revolutionary new approach to design and engineering not only ergonomically refines each device component, but also integrates them to work as a single, dynamic unit. This efficiently returns the patient to as close to their natural “swing” walking gait as their condition allows.