We all face physical limits, but perhaps we can do more than we think.

Dream of those days when you used to explore new trails and go hiking? Tired of being limited as to where you can go?

They don’t have to be dreams and you don’t need to have limits. Getting out and being active is much easier now for everyone, no matter what your mobility may be.

With the help of the PrimeStick, a cutting edge product from Dynamo, anyone can enjoy being outside and the fun of being on a trail. The dirt under your feet or the crunching of leaves as you move along. You could even kick a rock and feel safe doing it.

The world’s first urban walking stick and cane allows you to have the freedom to move in many different settings. You can go from walking on a sidewalk to a trail with no noticeable difference, other than the feeling of being able to go more places. Compared to other products on the market, PrimeStick has cutting edge technology and is innovative.

Traditional canes or walking sticks are not designed for city use. Trekking poles are a whole other story. However, PrimeStick fills the needs of both. It’s the perfect hybrid device for active seniors and recreational walkers and trekkers.

For example, you can use the PrimeStick on a city sidewalk as a cane or walking stick. When you come upon a trail in the park that is enticing and is calling your name. You are not limited to staying on the sidewalk. The beauty of this device is it can also be used as a trekking pole. That’s right, you can leave the sidewalk and feel just as safe on an urban trail.

Part of the technology that gives this product an edge over the competition is the grippy Cyclone Foot that meets whatever surface you are walking on. The Cyclone Foot has a tire tread design, which comes in very handy with wet surfaces or any for that matter. The reliable, enhanced traction gives you assurance and peace of mind on virtually any terrain. You can get out any time in any weather and go anywhere.

How is that for freedom? It doesn’t get much better than that. The piece of mind that you have a great support like PrimeStick really does make you feel like you can go anywhere.

The PrimeStick is sleek and much more modern than others on the market. The height is adjustable and can extend up to 56 inches. The exciting part is it takes just three seconds to make an adjustment and you are back on your way, enjoying the outdoors. Unlike most trekking poles or walking canes, there is just one length adjustment point. The simplicity is welcome compared to many hiking sticks that have two or more adjustment points and are awkward to adjust. You can get it just right in a matter of seconds and be on your way instead of fighting with a balky device and dealing with multiple connections.

While the Cyclone Foot takes care of the surface on the trail, your hand is treated to an ergonomic handgrip. It feels comfortable and springy. This is a big improvement on other brands that are typically made of hard plastic. Plus, it absorbs sweat better than the traditional cork.

Another added bonus is the lightweight aluminum core. It has a foam-covered upper post you can grip anywhere. PrimeStick comes in either space black or midnight green. Both colors make one think of being on a trail.

The PrimeStick can be used by anyone and in so many ways. For those really serious about some adventure, you can purchase two and use them as trekking poles. With PrimeStick, adventure awaits.