While there is no doubt the Prime Stick is not your typical cane, it’s nice to get feedback from people using it. Some glowing reviews from consumers are just what the company that makes this product has been saying since it came out.

Now that Prime Stick is getting used, word is traveling fast about how versatile this walking stick/trekking pole made by Dynamo is. Can it really be a cane? It offers so much freedom, balance and confidence for those that are using it. Prime Stick is the un-cane. You really can walk or hike anywhere with confidence.

Let’s look at what some customers have shared on Walmart.com and Amazon. There is no better place to hear about a product than from a consumer.

“Love my new walking stick!” wrote Brandon on Walmart.com “The grip feels comfortable, yet secure in hand. Nice and lightweight for ease of use. You can tell this product was made well. Definitely recommend!”

The hand grip is made so there won’t be any slippage. It absorbs sweat better than other products like it. The Prime Stick includes an adjustable wrist strap for added safety. Plus, you can put your weight on it if needed.

“I bought this for my mother-in-law,” wrote Marie on Amazon. “It is the perfect walking companion for her! It perfectly helps her keep her balance. It’s very sturdy but not too heavy. It’s an excellent product and I can wholeheartedly recommend it!”

Another similar review came from Curtis on Walmart.com. He wrote: “I bought this product because of the versatility and style! I can also say how much better the tip is compared to the other poles that I have used. I used it outside and it was amazing. It provides me with so much support and stability for my life!”

Prime Stick is made from a strong, lightweight aluminum core. That makes it very sturdy, but also not heavy.

The “tip” is not a typical tip. The all-weather, all-terrain Cyclone Foot is cutting edge technology. It gives you stability on any surface and the foot is twice as big as the standard cane, crutch or trekking pole.

There was great detail shared by N. Michelson on Amazon: “The patented foot performed as advertised as I put it through its paces in loose dirt, wet dirt, mountain logging paths with loose dirt and rocks, trails with 10+ years of accumulated leaf droppings. On all of these terrains it provided sure footing and has a wide enough footprint that it provided protection from sinking into the loose dirt and leaves. It allowed me, in spite of a gimpy ankle from a break a few years, to comfortably traverse my local, rugged, mountain landscape. Also worked equally as well on black top roads and gravel roads. … The instructions are easy to understand and adjustments to the wrist straps and pole length are simple and intuitive. Great product. Allows me freedom that I have not had for a while.”

This person really did put the Prime Stick through the ringer. It passed with flying colors.

Prime Stick is so much more than a cane or walking stick. You can be any age to use it and in so many different ways. It is equally efficient at home on city streets or out on hiking trails.

“I bought this to help me walk after I spent time in the hospital,” wrote Larry on Amazon. “I like to hike but a cane is too short for a walking staff. So this worked as a hiking staff and as a cane. It is very sturdy and I recommend this.”

The uses are endless with the Prime Stick. It really is a good aid for everyone.