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Newest Distribution Partner: DPG Distribution

Posted by Kyle R. on
Newest Distribution Partner: DPG Distribution

We are pleased to announce we have formed a strategic partnership with DPG Distribution.

DPG Distribution is an industry leader bringing new products into markets, they bring to the table over 350 Sales Reps who call on over 1200 retail accounts helping companies introduce their products to Retail Buyers.   

A family business run by George and Steve Davison with over 40 years of experience in the retail space, they offer one of the most aggressive marketing and sales forces in the industry. 

DPG is an industry leader; we know what works, we know what sells, and we know how to generate more buying momentum than other agencies. We have the experience, the team (350+ Reps), and the talent to turn growing companies into top selling brands—and nothing less. We only work with the best reps in the industry and we know who they are.

DPG logos

DPG Distribution is a master sales representative of high-end retail consumer products with over 350+ Reps and calling on over 1200+ accounts. Source:

 And we are extremely pleased to have them on our team!

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