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Have you heard of the Sit-Stand Feature on our Prime Stick?

Posted by Kyle R. on
Have you heard of the Sit-Stand Feature on our Prime Stick?


So much for the fear of literally getting stuck in a deep cushioned chair when trying to stand up, or losing balance when trying to sit down. Prime Stick makes it a lot easier to get into and out of chairs, couches, beds, cars—any position where a little extra leverage makes a big difference. All thanks to its extendable, sure-grip staff and flexible base.

Prime Stick Sit stand helping feature

The ergonomic handgrip is made of slip-resistant EVA polyfoam that translates into exceptional comfort and control. Especially when used with the attached nylon wrist strap that fits any size hand. 

If you or a family member need some assistance with sitting or standing why not give them a Prime Stick to use? To learn more visit our Prime Stick page

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