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Have you ever picked up a cane and thought “this looks cheap and flimsy”?

Posted by Kyle R. on
Have you ever picked up a cane and thought “this looks cheap and flimsy”?


Do you know anyone who is overweight, and finds it difficult to find a cane that’s strong enough to support the extra pounds? Common canes become unstable as you put weight on them and start to walk. As experts in ergonomics, Dynamo’s design team saw this as a glaring problem; they came up with the Crossbow Tech Frame™ as the solution.  

Dynamo’s Crossbow Tech Frame was specifically designed to handle more weight than a standard cane frame, making the Dynamo Cyclone Cane the strongest cane on the market.

The Crossbow Tech Frame delivers a 20% increase in weight capacity over the common hook cane you find at the pharmacy. The bent design creates a very stable, strong cane for standard and overweight users. As you put your weight on the Cyclone Cane, the bend causes your center of gravity to be neutral rather than leaning forward. This allows a natural walking motion and offers more stability — great for individuals needing some assistance in balance or recovering from an injury. 

Crossbow tech cyclone cane walking cane


Compared to the competition, the Cyclone Cane is a game changer. One look and you realize the huge benefit of the bend and foot collaboration versus the standard canes on the market. Don’t use a device that was designed to be cheap and gimmicky. Use a device that was designed from the ground up in the USA by designers, orthopedic surgeons, and engineers. The Cyclone Cane truly is the last walking cane you will ever buy. We guarantee it!

Take advantage of this technological breakthrough and pre-order yours today!

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