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Get familiar with the Safest Crutches for Kids: SportSwings by Dynamo

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Get familiar with the Safest Crutches for Kids: SportSwings by Dynamo

A study conducted by the University of Maryland from 1991 to 2008 found that around 63,000 children in the US are injured from crutch-related use every year. (Barnard, 2010). It further concluded that common injuries from crutch-use range from slips and falls, head trauma, and nerve damage in the wrist and armpits.  

Our engineering team and medical board here at Dynamo did clinical research and listened to patient feedback to reinvent the traditional axillary-crutch from the ground-up. The result? SportSwings



We brought to market the world’s first articulating BigFoot tip. The foot-like base is 7 ½ inches in length and covers 4.3 times the surface area of regular crutch tips. The extra size gives users stability on any terrain or weather condition to prevent slips.

It articulates to ensure constant contact with the ground to promote added balance and stability when you’re in motion.



The patented SwingLink technology conjoins both crutches to become a single unit. The tether-link device helps you to maintain an upright posture position and, most importantly, prevents forward and side-slip outs.



We created the first palm down handgrip to help relieve pressure from the wrist and hands. It properly aligns your hand and arm to mitigate injury and fatigue, while enhancing comfortability.


Purchase your SportSwings today!





Pediatric Mobility Aid−Related Injuries Treated in US Emergency Departments From 1991 to 2008 (Alison Barnard, 2010)


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