Dynamo has done it again. They have come up with the ultimate go-to walking accessory. It most certainly is designed for the young at heart.

What is it? It is called the Cyclone Cane and is going to change the way people look at canes. That’s because this is no ordinary cane. In fact, it’s really not even fair to compare other canes on the market to Cyclone Cane.

Like the Dynamo website states: “It’s the coolest-looking adjustable cane on the market -- superb design that won’t let you down.”

What’s more important, your balance or the canes? Some may ask that when looking at a quad cane that can stand up by itself. In reality, the Cyclone Cane is much, much better.

Sure, you can hang things on a stand-up cane. But that is not why you purchase a cane, right? A cane is there to help you get around and give you confidence. A stand-up cane just doesn’t match up when compared to the Cyclone Cane. You can depend on the Cyclone Cane and know it will help you get where you want to go safely.

This cane is good for any patient and here are some reasons why. Cyclone Cane is light and it’s strong. One might say it’s everything.

Being extremely light is especially good for elderly users. It has an aluminum frame that won’t rust.

The bottom of the cane has a very good grip so you will not slip. The foot is wide and comparable to other outstanding products made by Dynamo. The Cyclone SuperFoot is trademarked and great on any surface and in any weather, which means you don’t have to let poor conditions hold you back. The Cyclone SuperFoot covers two to three times more surface area than a typical tip on a cane.

According to doctors that have tried it, the hand grip is made correctly. What exactly does that mean? Well, the hand grip is wide and made for your hand. It’s in a position that won’t injure your wrist. The comfy, pain-free forward-facing handgrip is made of springy, compressive foam to reduce pressure on your wrist and hands. Gone are the days of sore wrists and hands from using a cane.

Cyclone Cane is adjustable so you can get the right height for you. This cane is great for every day walking and also for therapeutic use after an injury or surgery. It really is designed to withstand the elements and look good for years.

Another big plus for the Cyclone Cane is its unique design called Crossbow Tech. Crossbow Tech helps you walk tall with confidence, and helps you maintain more upright balance. The Cyclone Cane with Crossbow Tech is the safest cane you can buy. It’s balanced and stable when you walk, which in turn gives you better posture.

One may wonder how that is possible. It’s due to the patent-pending bend toward the bottom of the cane. Crossbow Tech helps distribute your weight and stabilize your balance. It even helps improve your posture.

What everyone wants in a cane is safety, balance and stability. There is no doubt Cyclone Cane gives you all of those traits.