We are ECSTATIC to be sharing some incredible news! Out of nearly 10,000 Entrepreneurs in over 150+ different countries Dynamo’s founder, William Scott, was selected as a finalist and winner of Payoneer’s 2023 Entrepreneurship Awards. Being recognized as this year’s Socially Responsible Business reminds us that we are truly on the right track to helping more people move better.



What is the Payoneer Entrepreneurship Awards?

Payoneer’s  Entrepreneurship Awards celebrates the spirit determination, grit & making the world a better place. This is an opportunity to highlight a few small business owners who are doing just that: making a global impact, one step at a time.


“I didn’t want others to go through what I did. So I used my drive and skills to invent the next generation of mobility aids. Most mobility devices don’t work well, and they also don’t look good. I am changing that.” – William Scott, CEO



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