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Self standing canes are gimmicks..... Introducing the Cyclone Cane with Crossbow Technology

Posted by Marcello C on
Self standing canes are gimmicks..... Introducing the Cyclone Cane with Crossbow Technology


“Quad canes and other canes that ‘stand up‘ by themselves are a gimmick. As soon as you put weight on the handle they are unbalanced and unstable. People need confidence when they’re walking. ‘Stand-up’ canes can’t deliver that.”

- Will Scott CEO, Dynamo and Inventor of Cyclone Cane

Black Inventor Will Scott 

NAPLES, Florida — July 1, 2020.

Mobility Aid innovator Dynamo today released the rollout of the Cyclone Cane. This agility device with “Crossbow” technology is the safest and most balanced cane on the market today. Stand-up canes, such as quad canes, are only balanced when they are NOT in use. As soon as you put weight on the handle they are out of balance and unstable.



Cyclone Cane with Crossbow Tech™ is different. Crossbow is the little bend at the bottom of the Cyclone Cane; that patent-pending bend has changed the entire cane market for the better. It helps make the cane balanced and stable when you walk, for ultimate confidence. That’s safer and what counts. Physics and engineering prove it.

Dynamo knows a little about engineering and innovation, having released the SportSwings Crutch late last year. SportSwings are independently rated the safest and best crutches in the world. 

Dr. Michael Swank of Beacon Orthopedics in Cincinnati, orthopedic surgeon and researcher, said, “I see patients every day who need a great reliable cane that will keep them safe and let them live. I give the Cyclone Cane high marks for its function and great looks.”



The Cyclone Cane with its forward-facing handgrip allows individuals to walk continuously WITH the cane instead of placing the cane far in front of the body and walking TO it without support. Because of this dramatic difference in engineering, Cyclone Canes are superior for walking, and provide greater confidence.



The Cyclone Cane’s all-terrain, all-weather “grippy” foot lets you walk on virtually any surface with confidence. The Cyclone SuperFoot  articulates (moves back and forth while staying flat on the ground) for maximum grip on virtually any surface, and channels away water like a premium all-season tire.

The handgrip is made of soft, compressive rubber to be pain-free for hands and wrists.

About Dynamo:

Founded in 2016, Dynamo is literally reshaping expectations for how 21st century mobility devices should look, feel and perform.

The company, headquartered in Naples, Florida, is the creator of “swing technology.” This revolutionary new approach to design and engineering not only ergonomically refines each device component, but also integrates them to work as a single, dynamic unit. This efficiently returns the patient to as close to their natural “swing” walking gait as their condition allows.


Kyle Rex                                                                                                                    Dynamo Team

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