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SportSwings Technology From Dynamo

  • It's all about helping active users get off the sidelines and back into the game. Comfortably. Safely. And with a cool vibe that empowers and inspires.Every ergonomically advanced component performs in harmony with the others.
  • This enables our Sport Swings to perform as a natural, intuitive extension of the body, accommodating and encouraging the body’s dynamic healing process.
  • The result: faster recovery. Reduced incidences of tripping and falling, bruising, chafing, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Significantly more comfortable. Mitigates impact shock.

Ken's Review on Amazon

Amazon Review for SportSwing Crutches


More Amazing Amazon Reviews:

"Super happy I made this purchase. I've never had to experience the need for crutches prior to this, but if I had to make the purchase over again, it would be these. I will say after prolonged use, my hands did start to hurt in the palms, and I would find that my arms would sometimes slide off the underarm supports.
They were super supportive, they helped with stability, and the extra foot support was great with the snow we got on the day of my surgery." - Jacqueline S

"I've had the displeasure of being on crutches before and, after tearing my achilles, I thought I would try these Dynamo 'Sport Swings'... very satisfied with my purchase so far!! These are definitely more stable and more comfortable than those crappy crutches they give you at the hospital. I’ve even been stopped twice over the past week with compliments and questions about them. Nice to see a company actually take user experience into account!" - Tyler

"I had a full knee replacement done and these were the best. I have had 11 surgeries between knees and ankles so my time on regular crutches is over.
I did not use the strap that is supplied. I love the wider foot, better for balance and walking easier. The ergo handles are great as they did not cause me issues with my wrist, elbows or shoulders." - Sheila k.

"These crutches made the 6-8 weeks I was injured so much easier. Got compliments everyday on these. It has great support for the palm of your hands. The bottom feet gives more stability than the basic crutches and makes standing up, crutching around places more bearable. These would be the only crutches I recommend to anyone." - Kieu Ngo


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