I planned a trip to go hiking through the Tennessee trails and waterfalls with my boyfriend, Tyler, this past May. I am definitely not an experienced hiker. We only booked this trip to give us some freedom from the COVID-19 pandemic and figured it would be nice to “be one with nature.” (Or something like that, right?)

Trekking through Tennessee cane walking stick

I work at Dynamo, so I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to try out our latest innovative device, the Prime Stick. It’s the World’s First Urban Walking Stick, and I wanted to see if it would hold up equally as well in a rural location.

The first thing to note is that the Prime Stick’s compact size meant that it fit perfectly in the overhead bins when we flew into Nashville Airport. That was a great plus! We even took it through security with no issues and, as it is lightweight, it was really easy to transport and adjust as needed. Prime Stick has a simple twist-lock function which enabled us to collapse it when we needed it to be out of the way in the plane or our rental car — and to extend it when walking with just a simple twist.

Trekking through Tennessee cane pole

Our first hike was Chimney Tops Trail in Gatlinburg, approximately 3.75 miles roundtrip. We thought we’d start off easy. Little did we know that to reach the observation point, we had to climb more than 960 feet over the course of the last mile! The Prime Stick held up extremely well throughout this hike.

Trekking through Tennessee cane walking stick

We were faced with a steep incline, and the articulation of the Cyclone Foot helped us conquer that with ease. We were also faced with rocky terrain, and sections of stairs. It was a damp day, so we felt a lot more comfortable with the Prime Stick in hand. The all-terrain, all-weather foot ensured we had sure-footed control with every step. It provided great leverage and was slip-resistant.

Despite what TLC advised, we went chasin’ waterfalls! We must have explored around eight different waterfalls, but our favorite by far was Cummins Falls in Cookeville. We really put the Prime Stick to the test on different terrains as the hike began with a 1.5-mile walk through woodland flooring. The Prime Stick was sturdy, thanks to its high-strength aluminum, and coped well with the leaves and debris.

We then got to the riverbed and had to walk another mile through the river and rocks which proved to be slippery and a little nerve-wracking. Thankfully we had the Prime Stick, which provided great leverage and was slip-resistant – even on some of the mossier rocks! The Prime Stick was especially useful for when we were trying to gauge how deep the water was with each step. (We were grateful for the wrist tether and “anywhere-grip” foam because of this). After a few twists and turns, we made it to our destination, where we were greeted by the most beautiful waterfall. 

Trekking through Tennessee cane walking stick

SO, WHAT’s THE VERDICT? Looking back, the Prime Stick was a necessary addition to our trip. On numerous occasions it saved us from slipping and falling, all thanks to its sturdy support and grippy, water-channeling foot. It was lightweight and easy to travel with, plus the twist-lock made it extremely easy to adjust the height, or even to collapse the device for easy storage when not in use.

I brought the Prime Stick to try out for myself on the trip, but Tyler kept “borrowing” the Prime Stick from me as he loved the added stability and support it provided. PLUS, the Prime Stick looks sleek, so we weren’t afraid to flaunt it!

I will definitely use the Prime Stick again the next time I am hiking…10/10 would recommend! To purchase one PrimeStick or a Pair visit DynamoMe's Online Store

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