Active Grip Technology — designed with arthritis patients in mind 

Do you struggle with joint pain, stiffness, or inflammation?

Have you ever held a cane and instantly felt pain from the hard plastic or rubber? We at Dynamo have taken your feedback and specifically designed an oversized grip that gives you more control with less effort. Ours is much better and more comfortable than the handgrips on other canes. It allows you to loosely hold it and be stable even if you have weak hand strength. 


Our research team spent years perfecting the Dynamo handgrip, and testing prototypes in real world situations. The result is the Active Grip on our Cyclone & BigFoot Canes. Our patent-pending, rubber handgrip is ergonomically designed to compress easily and feel comfortable. 

“Active Grip” means you can hold the hand grip without needing to grab or clutch it. This is important if you have a weak hand or diminished hand strength because of joint pain. In the research and development stage, we noticed that when the grip was larger, it actually was easier for the user to hold. We paired the larger size grip with a soft, rubber-like material that's springy to the touch. 

leaf spring technology ergonomic hang grip design

Inside the handgrip, we used a patent-pending design with leaf springs like your old Chevy. But instead of metal, we used soft plastic as the base. It absorbs the shock and vibrations that travel up the cane post as you walk. When your grip strength is diminishing, the Active Grip offers greater comfort so you don't have to experience additional pain when walking.

At Dynamo, we review every component of a product, then redesign it using current technologies so it's the best it can possibly be. To Dynamo, a handgrip that's comfortable and durable is essential to a well-designed cane that's enjoyable to use. 

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