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Customers Are Raving And Customizing The Best Crutches In The World!

Posted by Marcello C on
Customers Are Raving And Customizing The Best Crutches In The World!

One look at this video and you can say this guy gets it. He’s walking up a a mountain side with a Bluetooth speaker and water bottle - all while on our Dynamo Sport Swings! It's clear that he's not letting an injury slow him down, and that’s the way it should be. We decided to feature Ken’s video that he shared with us as it displays the freedom, versatility, and level of confidence that you can expect on a pair of Sport Swings.

No other crutches come close. Sport Swings truly are the World’s Best Crutches. The reviews speak for themselves.

We are proud of the praise we have received over the last year from so many satisfied customers. Mobility aids are so much more than archaic devices that you rely on when you’re not at 100%. At Dynamo, we design innovative devices that have advanced functionality and style, keeping the user at the forefront. We aim to help you live your life with dignity and vigor! So thank you Ken for your awesome video!

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Dynamo Sport Swings

From bottom to top — foot to axilla — our team of designers, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists have re-created each feature to function as part of a high-performance system as demonstrated in the Sport Swings. Our sleek design, innovative safety tether system, and articulating foot offer dramatically greater comfort, stability, safety, and performance than traditional crutches.

Sport Swings are safer and more comfortable than regular crutches: 

  • Sure-footed CONTROL thanks to the BigFoot tip
  • SUPERIOR SAFETY due to the patented SwingLink safety tether system, which links both frames and eliminates the number one cause of re-injury on crutches; forward slip-outs
  • ERGONOMIC HANDGRIP relieves pressure on wrist & hands
  • CONVEX AXILLA fits snug into your armpit 

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