What is the difference? After years of research and feedback, we came to a conclusion that a majority of users' needs came down to a more stable or more agile device. We at Dynamo already saw the need for maximum stability and patented the BigFoot design but quickly realized the need for an agile solution. What we did is go back to the drawing board because the old crutch or cane tip wasn’t cutting it. The result was the Cyclone tip and it’s advanced grip design that still provides exceptional stability in a compact size. 

Benefits of Agility: The Cyclone foot is for uneven surfaces. Use when you need some support and compact size then the Cyclone foot is the choice for you. Additionally, many users are recovering from injury and are searching for a more nimble device that still gives world class traction, the Cyclone foot delivers. 

Benefits of Stability: The bigfoot base is molded after the foot to provide ample support and covers up to 12x more surface area than common base tips means greater traction. Shock absorbing dampeners to all but eliminate hard, repeated, jarring contact the surface; exceptional control and less wear and tear on the body. When you are in need of more support then you are looking for our line of stability devices.