More About Dynamo Sport Swings Crutches


To explain more about why SportSwings are the best alternative to regular crutches, let's start with the tip. Regular crutches rest on small, smooth tips. Who feels safe walking on those when you’ve been injured? 

Large Foot. The SportSwings Foot covers 12 times the surface area of a regular crutch tip. The extra size gives you more stability, plus its all-weather tread ensures you can walk on any terrain. Because the BigFoot is large and articulates, it remains in contact with the ground longer than a regular crutch tip. This adds to your stability and balance. Plus the spring-loaded BigFoot absorbs the shock of each step you take, decreasing wear and tear on your foot.

Ergonomic, palm-down handgrip. Aches, pain, strain. Carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s what you can look forward to on a regular crutch. Traditional crutch handgrips force the user’s wrist into a compromised position. Sometimes the handgrip even comes loose and rotates! And it’s all avoidable, thanks to the SportSwings ergonomic handgrip.

The SportSwings cushioned handgrip fits snug to your palm to provide more comfort and even weight distribution. It relieves pressure on your hand and wrist, and engages your forearm muscles. This helps reduce fatigue so you can stay comfortable for longer while using your device.

Cushioned, convex axilla. Traditional crutches are synonymous with armpit pain. Just ask anyone who’s used them! If you can accept armpit soreness, rib bruising, chafing, and nerve damage, use a regular crutch. 

Dynamo solved the armpit problem by developing a convex axilla that snugs into your armpit, and can actually support your weight comfortably while being used. (That’s a no-no with most axilla-based crutches.) Because of its convex shape, the SportSwings axilla spreads your body weight over the entire length, not just on the outer two points. If you’re looking for an axilla with support, cushioning, and comfort, then SportSwings are for you!

Patented SwingLink safety tether system. This links both frames and essentially eliminates the Number 1 cause of re-injury while on crutches — the forward slip-out. The SwingLink reduces the risk of tripping, falling, and sudden slip-outs to give you more confidence and superior safety while using the device. 

How does it work? By creating a pre-set stride that results in a measured, steady gait. As you heal, simply adjust the tether, and eventually eliminate it when you no longer need it. It’s a simple solution to the age-old problem of slip-outs.

Even the SportSwings frame is superior to regular crutches. It’s wider, which means it can handle up to 300 lbs. 

The SportSwings’ innovative safety tether system, ergonomic handgrip, wider frame, and articulating foot offer dramatically greater comfort, stability, and performance than traditional crutches.

SportSwings were designed with you in mind. Order yours today! 

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