Meet Dynamo Kids.

Finally Crutches Designed For Smaller Users!

  • #1 Doctor Recommended By Orthopedic Surgeons and Physical Therapists
  • Safest Crutches for Kids! No other crutch comes close to the safety of the SportSwing
  • All-Weather Designed Foot 
  • Patented SwingLink Axilla Support System
  • Advanced Ergonomic Grip which Reduces Fatigue
  • Specifically Designed for Kids!
  • Fun Neon Green Color! Fast Delivery
Introductory Price $99.95

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See The SportSwings for Kids In Action!

SportSwings Are Rated The Safest and Easiest To Use By Medical Professionals.

Check Out This Video!


Pro's and Con's of Traditional Crutch and SportSwings

Dr. Langenderfer - Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement

Bob Mangine - M. ED,PT, ATC Sports Medicine

Only All-Weather “Crutch”

Kids and Adults Rave About Them


SwingLink - Confidence and Control.

  • SwingLink patented tether system links both frames at the axilla to work in unison
  • Reduces the risk of tripping, falling, and sudden, forward "slip-outs"
  • Swing Link is a new tool that adds an unprecedented amount of safely and control when walking longer distances

This is Dynamo Kids.
Safest Crutches.
Only $99

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