Swings – The Re-Invention of The Crutch

January 2, 2019

Making crutches, canes and walker safer to use though new Swing Technology 

Last year tens of thousands of people of all ages were involved in accidents while using crutches, canes and walkers. That’s right; while they were recovering from one trauma they were involved in another one.  

Finally there’s a solution… 

Swing Technology from Dynamo looks to drastically improve your odds of a trauma free recovery. Swing Technology works by mimicking how you walk and maximizing the amount of time the foot of the crutch, cane or walker remains firmly planted on the ground improving friction. This means less chance of falling. 

Dynamo accomplished this by attaching a crutch frame to a foot, allowing it to articulate like a metronome attached to the foot base, keeping the foot planted to the ground for greater stability and safety. This application of advanced technology is brilliantly simple and extremely effective at increasing friction for longer periods of time. The key to walking with confidence on dry, wet, sand and snow.  

While Dynamo is applying this Swing Technology to walkers and canes also, they have applied it to their crutch replacements called the Sport Swing, Sport Swing 2 and the Versa Cuff.  

All of these new cutting edge devices are packed with remarkable never seen before features like dual shock absorbing feet, really comfortable grips, underarm supports, and cuffs, and a removable strap that fits across the user’s back and attached to the rear of each underarm support, called SwingLink. This SwingLink technology is a new player promising to greatly reduce accidental falls.  

For more on SwingLink technology and how it’s poised to change crutches forever, stay tuned!

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