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Using an assistive device after an injury can be challenging. You are in pain and uncomfortable. You are not getting around like you are use to doing.

SwingLink is a smart tool that returns much of the intuitive feel and movement you lost due to injury or illness. More importantly, it brings a new level of confidence and safety to your SportSwings making it better than any other device in its category.

Since the SwingLink does the job of securely keeping the SportSwings in place under your armpits, the hand pressure required on the grips is greatly reduced. No more death grip to hold on!

No matter what walking gait your medical professional has recommended for you, SportSwings with the SwingLink will make life better.
SwingLink allows patients to have better control over their SportSwings. It helps set a predetermined length of stride for added confidence as the patient recovers.
Dr. Langenderfer

Short-term injury 

Short-term injuries and illness are often pretty severe in onset with a gradual improvement. SwingLink is designed for the times you are not at your best and require extra help. Your SportSwings are connected across your back via an adjustable link band — the SwingLink. This band delivers unparalleled predictable forward movement and reduces the amount of energy and effort needed to walk. Make it tighter – you take shorter steps, looser — longer steps or remove it entirely and go independently.  


Let’s face it…injured or ill, kids find the energy and desire to GO! Everyone has stories of kids on crutches and walkers finding a way to get re-injured — delaying their recovery. SwingLink will help kids stay in control. Best of all, SwingLink will add another layer of protection for kids who forget they are injured or ill.

Long-term users

You are an experienced walker on the go, not letting life’s challenges stop you from living your life. SwingLink’s connecting band will give pros like you the ability to use your hands for more than holding on. The connecting band keeps the SportSwings in place, firmly under your arms, freeing up your hands and arms when you are stationary. Because you are a pro and bolder with your movement, the security of the SwingLink’s connecting band is there for you when you need it.


You have one goal “get back to the game as quickly as possible”. You may be temporarily impaired but you are still on the go. Chin held high. SportSwings with the SwingLink can keep up with your attitude and keep you safer for a successful recovery. Your mind and body coordination are peak, our connecting band makes your movement with the SportSwings intuitive and smooth. You will feel in control from day one with the SportSwing — SwingLink combination.

Getting Started with the SwingLink


Hold the right Swing with foam pad facing away from you, with the vertical slot closest to you. Hold the SwingLink strap: the gray end is the R right side and the color end is the L left side. Thread both ends of the strap through the vertical slots at each end of the axilla.


Take the SwingLink strap with the gray end in your right hand and the logo facing you. Place the color end through the slot from right to left and attach the velcro-like material.


Take the left Swing with the slot closest to you and put it in your left hand. Slide the strap through left to right and attach the Velcro. If installed correctly, you shouldn’t see the gray and color end; you should only see the SwingLink logo. 

SwingLink In Action!

  • Fall Prevention
  • Security & Stability
  • Control
  • Ease of Use
  • Doctor Recommended


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