SportSwings ML (Medium/Large)


    • BETTER THAN CRUTCHES OR KNEE SCOOTERS – Safe, stable, pain free mobility. Why use crutches for walking when you can Swing instead?
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    • WILL IT FIT? PLUS SIZE? – Review the sizing chart below and make sure you get the SportSwing that is meant just for you BEFORE you buy.
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Size Medium Large (ML)
for persons 5'2" - 5'10"
(157 cm - 178 cm)
max weight capacity
300 lbs. (136 kg)

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ERGONOMIC HAND GRIPS: The unique ergonomic design of our handles keeps hands and wrists in their natural position, allowing for a comfortable grip while eliminating wrist pain and offering nerve damage relief. Each wrist-support handle fits snugly around the hand and features padding that is designed to reduce the impact on the wrist, lowering the chance of contracting carpal tunnel syndrome.

WIDER UNDERARM SUPPORT: Spreads the body’s weight over a cushioned, convex surface up to 8x larger than conventional underarm supports. This means you can rest on your Sport Swings -- a no-no with most axilla-based crutches -- and worry far less about armpit soreness, rib bruising, chafing and damage to nerve vascular structure.

UNIQUE FOOT: Step ahead with confidence, starting with the Foot. Front and rear leaf-springs design. Shock-absorbing dampeners, for exceptional control and less wear - and-tear on the body.

SIT-STAND GRIP: With the added help of our unique built-in Sit-Stand bar feature, you’ll find sitting and standing is a lot easier than you thought.

FOR ADULTS & KIDS: The Sport Swing is designed for all users. We have ergonomically created a design to accommodate all ages to maximize comfort and stability.

We have completely redesigned crutches.

The results:

  • Ergonomically advanced components
  • Intuitive extension of the body, accommodating the body’s dynamic healing process
  • May result in quicker recovery
  • Reduced tripping and falling, bruising, chafing, and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Significantly more comfortable
  • Increased patient compliance


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