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All-in-1 Mobility Support

  1. Walking stick— for a sure-footed, confident stride
  2. Cane—ergonomic design helps you stay balanced
  3. Forearm crutch— provides additional stability (use 1 VersaPro or a set of 2)


Articulating foot (premium)

Cyclone base(standard)


Cyclone Base

  • Replaces the rounded, rigid, smaller base found on traditional crutches
  • Inspired by effective tire tread design, this over-sized, flexible tip base maintains constant surface contact through every stride
  • 50% more surface coverage than standard crutch tips
  • Reliable, enhanced traction on virtually any terrain, especially wet surfaces
  • Installs in seconds
  • Made of flexible, durable, non-allergenic, rubber-like material

*Pre-Order Instructions; When the product becomes available you will receive an email with a special code to be redeemed at checkout equal to your deposit. This pre-order code and link will be sent to you before it is available anywhere else. Thank you for your reservation! -Dynamo Team


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