Dynamo Stands to Takeover the Mobility Aid Market Using Innovative Swing Technology That Keeps Users in Mind!

December 6, 2019


After a centuries lacking substantial advancements in mobility device design, Dynamo has created a product that accommodates the body’s dynamic movement process. This highly efficient system achieves unprecedented levels of comfort, safety and stability.

Dynamo’s re-invention of the crutch mitigates the risk of further injury and overall healthcare cost. Every year there are countless cases where people of all ages are involved in accidents while using crutches, canes and walkers all while trying to recover from a separate trauma. Dynamo wants to change the “impaired” experience by reducing the pain and limitations experienced by users of standard crutches. Swing technology incorporates advanced ergonomics, orthopedics, physical therapy, mechanical engineering, human functioning and psychology to create the best product for consumers.

There are several factors that make Dynamo Swings truly unique and superior to every other product in the Mobility Aid Market:

  • #1 doctor recommended by dozens of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists - All weather All terrain
  • Patented SwingLink axilla support system for control through longer distances
  • Duel spring articulating foot and frame system
  • Sit Stand Bar
  • Advanced ergonomic grip
  • Convex padded axilla that better displaces weight and pressure - Specifically designed to accommodate amputees
  • Higher performance frames






“SportSwings are the best invention since the first crutch 3000 years ago. Don’t use crutches, use SportSwings!” - Will Scott - Dynamo’s founder and primary inventor felt the discrepancies of traditional crutches canes and walkers after eleven knee surgeries and no solution to a better recovery process. After over 1000 hours on standard devices, he had had enough. He decided that it was time that users had access to proper devices that brought mobility out of the dark ages and into the ease of modern lifestyles. Dr. Charles Mehlman, an orthopedic surgeon recommends the products, saying that “Sport Swings are so different and such an improvement we won’t even call them crutches. They’re designed to be more stable, more comfortable, and to more closely mimic normal gait”.

Dynamo is a new emerging and innovative Mobility Aid Device Manufacture based in Naples, Florida. SportSwings were recently released and Dynamo is introducing canes, cuff devices, walking sticks, walkers and wheelchairs in 2020. #1 doctor recommended and 100% better than crutches.

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