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Cyclone Cane may be eligible for CMS Reimbursement varying on the insurance provider and state.


Technical Specifications

V-Tech Handgrip

The V-Tech Grip provides an innovative way to interact with The Cyclone Cane. Engineered to fit your entire palm, not just your fingers, make your grandparents, elderly, injured, and parents feel comfortable and, more importantly, safe having a forward-facing handle design. A comfy, compressive rubber-like grip reduces pressure on your wrists and hands. 

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Crossbow Bend Design

Innovation at its best. Most canes, tip backward or forward immediately when you place your hand on the grip because the grip sticks out at a 90-degree angle from the shaft. The Cyclone Cane creates a center of balance that doesn’t allow the cane to tip forward or back. You can confidently place more weight on the cane to help you get going.

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Cyclone Tip

The Cyclone Cane Tip rocks forward and backward, allowing the tip surface to remain in contact with the ground surface longer for a more excellent grip. This prolonged surface contact encourages a grippier and more confident experience when. Tile floors or hardwood tile floors - no problem. Uneven surfaces such as sand, grass, gravel, or carpets - no issues.

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Beautiful Design. Wonderful Colors. Highly Functional.

The super soft V-Tec grip fits any hand, left or right. Unlike other canes on the market, our V-Tech Hand Grip allows you to hold it with your palm, not just your fingers. The V-Tech design helps position the hand facing forward, with the index finger and thumb. This more natural and less stressful position provides the most strength and control. The Cyclone Cane Supports up to 300 LBs. And it is Rattle-proof. All-terrain. Size and Weight 32.3 x 6.3 x 2.7 inches; 1.1 Pounds Finishes Ella Black G-Man Blue Beautiful, anodized aluminum matte finish. High-grade matte plastic parts. Waterproof.

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Give The Gift Of Mobility

Give The Gift Of Mobility And Freedom To Your Loved One.Dynamo Cyclone Cane Is The Most Modern Cane Ever.Balanced And Adjustable. Science Built For Comfort and Confidence.

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Cyclone Foot Cane Tip Replament Now Available For Purchase!

Fits all canes and crutches with tube sizes of: 3/4-inch diameter.

All-weather, All-Terrain, and slip-resistant. Buy yours now!

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Easy Adjustment And Setup

Adjustment And Fitting Video Guide

Insurance Reimbursement

In most cases, Dynamo Cyclone Cane may be eligible with Private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid reimbursements along with FSA/HSA. The reimbursement code for the Dynamo Cyclone Cane is E0105. Contact your insurance company for further details.

HCPCS Medicare Information Link