Our Story

A painful patient experience repeated over and over again….

“I got injured and needed surgery. My doctor and physical therapist were great. The treatment center was modern and high-tech. Then…they gave me crutches that looked out of the stone ages. Ugly, uncomfortable, unstable—this was how I was supposed to live my life until I got better?" - New Patients

Dynamo’s founder has felt this disconnect, himself, after ten knee surgeries and more than 1000 days grappling with these same outdated crutches, canes and walkers.

Doctors and physical therapists have complained for decades about the lack of modern mobility devices available to medical professionals. They’ve dreamed of intuitive, 21st century devices that enable their patients to live a safer, fuller, more dignified life, while recovering.

Dynamo accepted the challenge.

Our first step towards creating better, science-based solutions was to gather input from patients, doctors and physical therapists. Dynamo created mobility devices that are great looking, very comfortable and better for patient recovery.

Dynamos are the missing link, a dynamic leap forward in how modern mobility devices should look, feel and perform. In fact, our initial improvement on the common crutch is so different, we had to give the product its own name—SportSwings™.

Sports medicine professionals are already touting SportSwings as “better than crutches” for recovery. But they’re even more than that.

Dynamos are a bold reflection of a continuous commitment to make it “almost” cool to be on medical devices.

If You Walk With It, It Should Swing

The premise of Swing Technology is to imitate the way human beings walk — crutches, canes and walkers don’t.
We have spent thousands of hours analyzing complex physics and ergonomic principals related to
walking and have come to the conclusion that mobility aids should behave similarly.
We’ve taken this new knowledge and designed replacements for crutches, canes and walkers.

Work. Live. Play!

If one of your feet can’t be used effectively, you want
to replace it with something approaching the size of that foot.
More displacement equals more stability.

The human body keeps each foot flat on the ground as long as possible to insure maximum displacement in between each step. 

Our crutch, cane and walker frames articulate or "swing" within the foot tip, to keep the device feet firmly on the ground for as long as possible.

Our products work by maximizing the amount of time and surface area on the ground with every step. The bigger the surface area of the foot, the more enhanced performance and safety. We’ve also added in a few other trick enhancements for better performance, looks and comfort.

One Less Thing to Worry About

Connect the optional SwingLink to your Swings for a whole new level of performance, safety and comfort while standing or walking. With crutches you hold them tight under your armpit... with Swings, SwingLink does the work so you don’t have to do it.

• Less falling
• Nearly eliminates forward slip outs
• Takes less effort to walk and causes less hand fatigue
• Almost eliminates accidental drops
• Less effort to stand and rest
• A must-have tool in rain, snow, mud or uneven surfaces

The SwingLink is barely noticeable yet makes such a big difference for people of all ages. Orthopedic Surgeons and Physical therapists alike tout the SwingLink combination as possibly the greatest tool improving the safety and lifestyle of patients in 100 years.

The biggest change in crutches over about the last 100 years was the switch from wooden crutches to aluminum. Sport Swings are so different & such an improvement we don’t even call them crutches. They’re designed to be more stable, more comfortable, and to more closely mimic normal gait.
Dr. Charles Mehlman
The smooth foot/shaft articulation or ankle in the swings allows for a more normal gait without loss of momentum or a long recovery phase that is seen with crutches. This allows patients to conserve energy for the long walks. My college students hurrying around campus love it.
Dr. Matthew Langenderfer
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