How To Use Crutches Correctly

January 7, 2020

Crutches are used to support mobility needs. Whether you need assistance during recovery with weight bearing restrictions or you’re looking for a long-term aid, crutches can help get you up and walking again.

There are several types of weight bearing restrictions to consider when using crutches:

Weight bearing as tolerated – put as much weight through your leg as is comfortable without causing pain

Partial weight bearing – push through your hands on the crutches to keep full weight off of your legs

Toe touch weight bearing – you can rest your foot gently on the floor

Non weight bearing – you can’t put any weight through your foot


How to Use Crutches Correctly



  • Stand up straight – the top of the crutches should be about 1-2 inches below your armpit
  • The hand grips should be even with the top of the hip line
  • Elbows should be slightly bent while holding grips
  • Rest your weight on your hands not underarms
  • To avoid tripping, keep the tips of the crutches a comfortable distance away from your feet



*Make sure you establish a sense of balance before walking

*Always watch where you’re going, don’t watch the ground

*To prevent falls, avoid dangerous, slippery and wet surfaces

  1. Lean forward on the handles and move crutches forward ahead of your weak leg
  2. Shift your weight to the crutches and move your body forward between the frames
  3. Finish your step with your good leg and regain balance
  4. Repeat motions 1-3



Use a chair with arms to help support you through sitting and standing transitions



*Use extreme caution when walking up and down stairs

Always lead with your crutches

If there is a handrail, use it for support and hold your crutches in your other hand



How to Use Dynamo SportSwings Correctly

 Dynamo SportSwings are designed to be used entirely different than standard crutches. The most important thing to do before walking in your Swings is to make sure that they are properly fitted. Unlike most crutches on the market, SportSwings come in three different sizes that further adjust to accommodate any age, any lifestyle. Use the custom fitting guide here.


Fit your Swings to your personal measurements accordingly

If using the SwingLink, adjust it through the slots of the frames to comfortably wrap around and support your back

Once you’ve been fitted to your set of Swings, you’re ready to start walking.



  1. Stand up straight – the top of the crutches should fit comfortably under your armpit and you should feel balanced and supported from both sides.
  2. Rest your weight on the hand grips with a 15-degree bend at the arm
  3. Move Swings ahead while the duel spring feet begin articulating
  4. Allow your body to be propelled through the frames
  5. Push down equally on the hand grips
  6. Finish with your strong leg on the ground
  7. Allow the frames to work as a pendulum as you continue through normal walking movements


Use the convenient foam sit-stand bar to assist in transitions



The difference between using standard crutches vs. Dynamo SportSwings


Dynamo SportSwings are better than the traditional crutch both in the way that they fit and the way that they work. When you are fitted to standard crutches you end up hunched over with the sharp axilla doing major damage to your armpits. This puts your entire body in a compromised position. SportSwings are fitted so that you are able to retain your normal posture while walking, with the majority of the weight dispersed between the larger muscles of your arm instead of putting stress on your wrists and underarms. Every person and body type is different, so SportSwings are adjustable to meet each individual’s needs. The SwingLink brings this level of support even further by giving the user a feeling of confidence and balance during their walking process.

The motion that users experience on SportSwings is drastically different than that on traditional crutches. Dynamo users experience a high functioning system that allows for longer strides and 15% fewer steps. This means a greater ability to walk more freely with less fatigue, feeling safe and in control over longer distances. The entire process feels smoother and allows the user to concentrate on a safe recovery while preventing re-injury.


General safety tips


Make sure that every part of the crutch is in good condition

Wear comfortable, low heeled shoes for better support and balance

Avoid throw rugs and waxed floors

If the crutch gets damaged, discard it and replace it

Ensure that any rug corners or loose cords are secure on the floor

Use a backpack, fanny pack, or attachable bag to hold items so you can remain hands free while walking

Dynamo’s ultimate mobility carry bag with two-way convertible pouch is the perfect accessory for any mobility aid


All sizes of Dynamo SportSwings can be purchased on Amazon or our website.

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