How To Fit Your PrimeStick
Primestick Instructions Fitting Guide

How To Fit Your SportSwing

How To Use The SwingLink

Sport Swings, Better Than Crutches

We’ve taken the crutch and replaced it with a whole new level of advanced design and engineering technology. The result: The Link-Assisted Swings: the most comfortable, reliable and visually stunning walking aid.

View the step by step guide below to fit your new Dynamo Swings. 

1. LET’S GO!

Swings have a right R and left L side for better fit and performance, just like gloves and shoes. The right-side Swing features the black, Sit-Stand foam pad just below the grip.

2 Adjust the Upper Frame Posts

Depressing the 2 metal push buttons, adjust the upper frame post until there is a 15 degree bend in your elbow with your hand on the grip and the axilla lightly touching your armpit.

3. Adjust the Lower Frame Posts

Depressing the large adjustment buttons, move the foot up and down until it is in contact with the floor, with the axilla lightly touching your armpit.

NOTE: You might need to adjust the lower frame accordingly if you change to shoes with a lower or higher heel.

4. Adjust the Swing Link

Hold the right Swing with foam pad facing away from you, with the vertical slot closest to you. Hold the Swing Link strap: the gray end is the R right side and the color end is the L left side. Thread both ends of the strap through the vertical slots at each end of the axilla.

Adjust the Swing Link continued

Take the Swing Link strap with the gray end in your right hand and the logo facing you. Place the color end through the slot from right to left and attach the Velcro.

Take the left Swing with the slot closest to you and put it in your left hand. Slide the strap through left to right and attach the Velcro. If installed correctly, you shouldn’t see the gray and color end; you should only see the Swing Link logo. The tighter the strap, the shorter and more controlled the stride. For a longer stride, simply loosen the strap. The Swing Link can be removed at any time. However, it will reduce confidence and stability.

The easiest way to fit your Swing Link is to place both Swings against a vertical, stable surface. When you are finished walking, simply reverse the process.

How to Use the Sit-Stand Feature

To sit down: Go slow! A) Use the right-side Swing, the one with the black foam pad just beneath the grip. Turn the frame so that the pad is facing you. Place the Swing foot between your feet. B) Place one hand on top of the axilla and the other C) on the foam pad. D). Tilt the frame away from your body a few inches. Use the leverage this position affords you to comfortably sit down.

To stand up: Again, place the right-side Swing between your feet. Tilt the frame away from your body a few inches and place your hands on the axilla and Sit-Stand foam pad as described above. Use the leverage this position affords you to comfortably stand up.

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