Dynamo SportSwings Are Rated The Safest and Easiest By YouTube Stars Bob and Brad!

October 8, 2019

NEWS RELEASE: Dynamo SportSwings Are Rated The Safest and Easiest By YouTube Stars Bob and Brad!

NAPLES, FLORIDA, OCTOBER 08, 2019…Dynamo, an advanced mobility systems manufacturer headquartered in southwest Florida, earned a “Safest and Easiest” rating on YouTube from physical therapists Bob Schupp and Brad Heineck. Their popular “Bob and Brad” show boasts 1.37 million subscribers.

In reviewing Dynamo’s new “Sportswings” crutch replacement, Schrupp notes that traditional crutches are “difficult to use and even dangerous.” He points out that Dynamo’s Sportswings are designed to address these issues from “the tip to the top.”

In their review, the two physical therapists began by comparing the small, round base of a traditional crutch to the significantly larger foot-like base featured the Sportswings. They point out that the Sportswings base flexes and pivots forward and back the way the human food and ankle work—something found on no other mobility device. This provides surer contact with the surface throughout the entire stride for exceptional traction. They also note that Sportswings provide superior shock absorption compared to the hard, static, physically debilitating pounding prevalent with standard crutches.

Moving on to the grip, Heineck points out that the round grip on a traditional crutch puts the wrists and hands in a weak position that can induce pain and fatigue.

By contrast, he notes Sportswings grips are ergonomically designed for a more comfortable fit, allowing the wrist to relax as pressure is moved away from the weaker hands and wrists to the

stronger palms. Schrupp notes that the Sportswings wider frame not only enhances stability, but also allows for a wider grip to easily and comfortably fit virtually any size hand.

The Sportswings axillary pad is also singled out for praise as ergonomically designed to reduce stress and related trauma, with no need to install external padding.


In the wrap-up, Schrupp highlighted the device’s SportsLink, a patented behind-the-back tether that links both frames together to dramatically reduce forward slip-outs and generally add a new dimension of comfort and confidence.

“It’s like they give you a hug,” he says.

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