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Prime Stick: Best Walking Stick & Cane Ever Made



Prime Stick is the first cane that converts to a walking stick AND a trekking pole!

Traditional walking sticks and trekking poles aren’t designed for city use. Prime Stick fills that need. It's the perfect hybrid device for active seniors and recreational walkers & trekkers. You can use the Prime Stick on a city sidewalk as a cane or walking stick, then meander onto a city park trail and use it as a trekking pole. Its “grippy” Cyclone foot helps you walk anywhere, any time, in any weather. 

Prime Stick was designed from bottom to top to be the ultimate adjustable stick for casual walking and trekking:

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT — all you need is 3 seconds to change it from cane height up to 56 inches
  • CYCLONE FOOT flexes for reliable traction on virtually any terrain
  • ALL-WEATHER TREAD channels away water and debris like a four season car tire
  • ERGONOMIC HANDGRIP feels comfortably springy and absorbs sweat better than cork
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM CORE has a foam-covered upper post you can grip anywhere

The Prime Stick fits in your car, an overhead compartment, even in a large suitcase. It’s lightweight. Compact. Versatile. 

Order a Prime Stick today! To use as trekking poles, buy 2 units


More About The PrimeStick

PrimeStick is the perfect multi-use walking stick for active seniors and recreational walkers & trekkers.

If you’re a serious mountain climber or hiker, of course you need professional trekking poles. But for casual recreational use and urban walking, there’s nothing better than PrimeStick.  

In fact, we know people who’ve stashed their “regular” canes in the closet and are using the PrimeStick instead. PrimeStick is a great alternative for folks you know who SHOULD use a cane for balance but aren’t quite ready for that stage of life. (Some of us here at Dynamo like to call PrimeStick the UNcane.)

Order a PrimeStick today for yourself. (And if you have friends with balance trouble who refuse to use a cane, tell them about the PrimeStick.)


ONE MORE THING: If you've just had elective surgery and need to get back into shape, PrimeStick is a great exercise tool.

World-famous exercise therapists Bob & Brad explain how in this video:

Customer Reviews

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  • Praise From Reviewers & Customers

    NobodyHikesInLA (blogger) says:

    • “The stick’s suitability for urban walking make it a good choice for hikers whose current exercise routine may be limited to walking around the neighborhood."

    • "Grooves cut into the base help with traction on dirt trails and on rockier trails, the wider base helps provide stability."

    * "Hiking with poles increases calories burned and can serve as a good training tool for more challenging hikes, once they become accessible again."

    • "The PrimeStick’s most distinctive feature for urban walking is its wide rubber base, which absorbs the impact on concrete better than a pointed metal tip would."


    Nathan M, North Carolina (customer) says: “The patented foot performed as advertised as I put it through its paces in loose dirt, wet dirt, mountain logging paths with loose dirt and rocks, trails with 10+ years of accumulated leaf droppings. On all these terrains it provided sure footing and has a wide enough footprint that it provided protection from sinking into the loose dirt and leaves. It allowed me, in spite of a gimpy ankle from a break a few years ago, to comfortably traverse my local, rugged, mountain landscape. Also worked equally as well on black top roads and gravel roads. The carrying case is both elegant and practical. The instructions are easy to understand and adjustments to the wrist straps and pole length are simple and intuitive. Great product. Allows me freedom that I have not had for awhile.”

  • Care & Maintenance

    Cyclone Foot — For best performance, keep clean with soap and water.

    All Dynamo products are latex-free.