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Cyclone Foot - Cane Tip Replacement


Slip-Resistant and Stable Replacement Cane Tip

Fits most canes and crutches with tube sizes of:

3/4-inch diameter 18–19 mm diameter

  • Weatherproof “grippy” foot & tackles virtually any terrain
  • Channels water away like an all-weather tire

Bottom of the base is 2 3/4" wide to provide traction and support. 

This is also the Replacement tip for the Cyclone Cane and Prime Stick!


More About The Cyclone Cane

The Cyclone Cane actually helps you walk WITH it instead of BEHIND it.

The bent-tube design, Cyclone foot, and forward-facing handgrip help you feel balanced, so you stand with correct posture. You can “walk tall” with confidence! 

The Cyclone Cane’s “grippy” foot is waterproof and weatherproof. It lets you walk anywhere with confidence: in a shopping mall, through a park . . . on grass or concrete, even on snow.  

The foot articulates and flexes for maximum grip on virtually any surface, and channels away water like a premium racecar tire. Plus it covers 2-3 times more surface area than a standard cane tip. (And in case you wonder where it got its name, we decided the tread pattern looks like a cyclone.)

The Cyclone Cane helps you have better balance, more confidence — and increased AGILITY. 

The forward-facing handgrip and bent-tube design of the cane combine to create a neutral point of balance. When you walk, this neutral point makes it easier for you to remain stable and balanced

We designed the handgrip of soft, compressive foam to reduce pressure on your wrist and hands. This makes it ideal for folks who have arthritis or hand injuries. (Plus it’s easy to clean.) 

It’s easier to stand up and sit down using the Cyclone Cane. It’s compact, lightweight, and strong. The height can be adjusted to fit almost everyone. Very practical!

From top to bottom — ergonomic handgrip to Cyclone foot — this cane is better designed than other canes. Plus it looks cool; the tubing finish is similar to what you see on high-end automobiles. (Definitely not cheap-looking enamel like what you see other other canes.) 

Some people say the D-shaped bent-tube design, Cyclone foot, and premium satin finish make it the coolest looking off-the-rack cane on the market.  

Order a Cyclone Cane today for yourself — or as a gift for a family member or friend.


Questions & Answers


Who does the Cyclone Cane fit?

The Cyclone Cane is adjustable and expands to 5 settings to fit most adult male and female users, The Cyclone Cane reaches 36.5” and shortens to 30.5”.


Is the Cyclone Cane easy to set up?

With only one adjustment point, it only takes a few moments to make adjustments and fit to the desired height.


How do I adjust the Cyclone Cane?

Simply pull up on the black u-shaped tab out, located near the foot about ¼” and adjust to the desired length.  Then push the tab back in about ¼” to secure it. If you need more help, jump over to our fitting guide (link) for an easy how to fit video!


How much does the Cyclone Cane Weight?

The lightweight Crossbow Frame, weighing about one-pound, is made of super strong, 6061-T6 aluminum and supports up to 300lbs.


Is the Cyclone Cane FDA registered and eligible for medical insurance reimbursement?

Yes, Cyclone Cane is FDA registered and  may be eligible for with Private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements along with FSA/I. Contact your insurance company for further details.


Can I replace the feet on the Cyclone Cane?

The Cyclone Cane with its high-quality construction will may need its foot replaced over time because of wear. Replacement feet are available for sell replacement right on our website,


Does the Cyclone Cane stand by itself?

No. Quad canes and other canes that “stand up” by themselves are a gimmick. Canes are supposed to give you support and confidence while actively walking. These canes don’t. As soon as you put weight on them, they are unbalanced and unstable.