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Dynamo Swing Cane (Green)



Walk With Your Cane Instead of Behind 

Rated the World's Safest Walking Cane by Independent Medical Professionals!   

The All-New Swing Cane with Leaf Spring-Assist Technology is the future of stability. This patented-pending feature is nothing like any cane on the market. The Swing Cane allows the user to experience full articulation with each stride. This foot also adds greater comfort and stability for the user while walking. The first cane to blend balance, stability, and enhance posture while moving.

CrossBow Tech 12-degree bend helps distribute your weight and improve your center of gravity. It all starts with our patented articulating big foot. It’s big, lightweight, and articulates for the best stability and control of any cane. Front and rear shock-absorbers decrease stress from walking, and the foot’s “grippy” tread offers superior traction over any terrain.

Physical therapists think Swing Cane is far superior to quad canes!

The Swing Cane is packed with beneficial features like:

  • Don’t take our word for how great the Premium Dynamo Swing Cane is, find out for yourself. Buy any other cane, and the Dynamo Swing Cane. Take them both for long walk. Nine out ten customers return the other cane.
  • The first all-weather, all-terrain, articulating Swing foot - This foot-like tip tackles virtually any terrain or weather condition. The Swing Cane shock absorbs and dampens the impact on the joints and muscles with its Leaf Spring-Assist Technology. It will tackle virtually any surface including snow, grass, sand, or gravel.
  • Canes that stand up by themselves are a gimmick! The Dynamo Swing Cane is first to sport Crossbow Balance Technology which places your weight directly over the cane pole for unparalleled balance. How? It's all due to the patent-pending 12-degree bend toward the bottom.
  • Best and most comfortable grip ever! It’s bigger forward-facing handle, is meant to fit your whole hand and not your fingers. Comfy, compressive rubber-like grip reduces pressure on your wrist and hands.
  • It's easier to stand up and sit down using The Swing Cane; It's compact, lightweight, and strong. Plus, the height can be adjusted to fit almost anyone under 6’4”.
  • High strength construction – Premium anodized aluminum frame with colors that will never rust.
  • The Dynamo Swing Cane is the coolest-looking adjustable travel cane on the market that makes you look so good your friends will want to use it.

    More About The BigFoot Cane

    The BigFoot Cane’s advanced tread design lets you walk anywhere with confidence!

    You can amble through a shopping mall or a park . . . on grass or concrete, even on snow. The BigFoot’s  leaf-spring design and shock-absorbing dampeners lessen the impact of walking, which means decreased wear and tear on your body. The result? Less fatigue, so you can walk for longer periods of time. 

    We designed the handgrip of soft, compressive foam to reduce pressure on your wrist and hands. This makes it ideal for folks who have arthritis or hand injuries. (Plus it’s easy to clean.) 

    The forward-facing handgrip and bent-tube design of the cane combine to create a neutral point of balance. When you walk, this neutral point makes it easier for you to remain stable

    It’s easier to stand up and sit down using the BigFoot Cane. It’s compact, lightweight, and strong. The height can be adjusted to fit almost everyone. Very practical!

    From top to bottom — ergonomic handgrip to BigFoot base — this cane is better designed than other canes. Plus it looks cool; the tubing finish is similar to what you see on high-end automobiles. (Definitely not cheap-looking enamel like what you see other other canes.) 

    Some people say the D-shaped bent-tube design, articulating foot, and premium satin finish make it the coolest looking off-the-rack cane on the market.  

    Order a BigFoot Cane today for yourself — or as a gift for a family member or friend.


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    • Quotes from Doctors & Medical Professionals

      “For walking-impaired people . . . this is a life changer.” — Dr. Michael Swank (about Dynamo products)

      “ . . . allows for a more normal gait without loss of momentum or a long recovery phase that is seen with crutches. My college students hurrying around campus love it.” — Dr. Matthew Langenderfer (about SportSwings)

    • Care & Maintenance

      BigFoot — Lubricate the foot-ankle “joint” occasionally. Use a dry silicone lubricant; apply carefully so it doesn’t spread to the foot tread.

      All Dynamo products are latex-free.