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Dynamo Versa BigFoot


PRE-ORDER TODAY! Forearm Crutch (for stability) - Coming Soon!

The Versa BigFoot Forearm Crutch is the world’s first all-in-one mobility device. 

You can use it as a forearm crutch with cuff. A cane with cuff support. A cane. And when you're back to feeling stable and energetic— a walking stick. It's 4 devices in oneVersa Cyclone is the all-in-one getaround device you didn’t know you needed. It’s lightweight, nimble, balanced . . . and extremely versatile!
It was invented by our company founder Will Scott prior to his 14th knee surgery. Why? Because he knew from his previous post-surgery experiences that some days it's just a little tougher to get around than others.
  • When you need the most support — use the Versa as a forearm crutch for ultimate stability. (It’s also a helpful sit-stand aid.) 
  • When you’re feeling pretty good but want extra support to maintain your energy levels — use the Versa as a cane with cuff support. (If you feel stable without it, remove the cuff.) 
  • When you feel great or want to get some exercise  — use the Versa as walking stick to improve your agility.
Versa BigFoot (for stability). Part cane. Part crutch. All GO!

More About The Versa BigFoot

Need a forearm crutch thats effective, practical, and comfortable? Would you like to buy ONE device instead of four?

Whether your healing cycle will be regressive or progressive, the Versa Cyclone is a versatile solution. Just think of the money you‘ll save — plus you wont need to shop for a new device every time you reach the next stage.

Heres what you can expect of the Versa Cyclone as your “walking partner“:  

  • Sure-footed CONTROL because of the all-weather, all-terrain Cyclone foot
  • BETTER BALANCE due to the neutral balance point created by the forward-facing handgrip and bent-tube design
  • STABILITY & TRACTION — the Cyclone foot covers 2–3 more surface area than a regular crutch tip
  • The flexible articulating foot and bent-tube design allow MAXIMUM AGILITY

The forward-facing handgrip and bent-tube design combine to create a neutral point of balance. When you walk, this neutral point makes it easier for you to remain stable and balanced. Add the adjustable cuff to that combination, and you have a solution that supports you at whatever stage of recovery you’re in

The BigFoot’s advanced tread design lets you walk anywhere with confidence!

You can amble through a shopping mall or a park . . . on grass or concrete, even on snow. The BigFoot’s  leaf-spring design and shock-absorbing dampeners lessen the impact of walking, which means decreased wear and tear on your body. The result? Less fatigue, so you can walk for longer periods of time. 

The foot articulates and flexes for maximum grip on virtually any surface, and channels away water like a premium racecar tire. Plus it covers 2-3 times more surface area than a standard crutch tip. (And in case you wonder where it got its name, we decided the tread pattern looks like a cyclone.)

We designed the handgrip of soft, compressive foam to reduce pressure on your wrist and hands. This makes it ideal for folks who have arthritis or hand injuries. (Plus it’s easy to clean.) 

From top to bottom — adjustable forearm cuff to ergonomic handgrip to Cyclone foot — this forearm crutch is better designed than others on the market. Plus the Versa’s tubing finish is similar to high-end automobiles. (Definitely not cheap-looking enamel like what you see other other canes.) If you need a forearm crutch, you should walk around with one that looks cool!

The world's first all-in-one mobility device is effective, practical, and versatile. Order the Versa BigFoot Forearm Crutch today!

  • Quotes from Doctors & Medical Professionals

    “For walking-impaired people . . . this is a life changer.” — Dr. Michael Swank (about Dynamo products)

    “ . . . allows for a more normal gait without loss of momentum or a long recovery phase that is seen with crutches. My college students hurrying around campus love it.” — Dr. Matthew Langenderfer (about SportSwings)

  • Care & Maintenance

    BigFoot — Lubricate the foot-ankle “joint” occasionally. Use a dry silicone lubricant; apply carefully so it doesn’t spread to the foot tread.

    All Dynamo products are latex-free.