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Dynamo Sport Swings + (Bonus Organizer Pouch)

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Sport Swings lightweight crutches are the best for recovery. Big shock-resistant grippy feet give you confidence & comfort. Anti-slip back strap reduces slip-outs/falling.

Let’s face it, traditional crutches are awful. The first images of crutches date back to the Pharaohs around 3000 BCE, and they haven't changed much since then. They’re awkward. Uncomfortable. Unstable. And UGLY. 

But not ours! We designed Sport Swings to look sleek and perform superbly so you can walk smoothly while recovering. With stability, comfort, and confidence . . . knowing that you actually look cool walking with them. (Sort of like driving a late-model Ferrari instead of a 20-year-old Pinto.)

From bottom to top — foot to axilla — our team of designers, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists has re-created everything to function as part of a high-performance system. Our sleek design, innovative safety tether system, and articulating foot offer dramatically greater comfort, stability, and performance than traditional crutches.

Sport Swings are safer and more comfortable than regular crutches: 

    • YOU DESERVE THE BEST CRUTCHES SO WE GIVE YOU OUR BEST PRICE.. Customer feedback rates this as an excellent product for the price and the non-slip feet keep the user from slipping.
    • BEST CRUTCHES IN THE WORLD: LIFE CHANGER: Users have raved about crutching over 2 miles and never had a close call to slipping. Many would be homebound if I had to rely on the old school crutches. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED
    • STABILITY AND COMFORT: Easy to use and great for recovery from knee surgery, no muscle fatigue or armpit pain. Foot gives more stability than basic crutches and makes standing up, crutches around easier
    • FREE SWING-LINK: For every order an option that adds an extra margin of safety and stability, which may help them heal faster and get off of crutches quicker, it’s a removable strap that temporarily connects the two crutches across the back that prevents the all-weather sports swings from slipping forward and causing a fall.
    • DON'T SETTLE FOR BAD CRUTCHES: You may be on crutches for a few weeks or a long time but we have a solution to uncomfortable, dangerous crutches. Welcome to Sport Swings. They leave every other crutch in the dust. More Stable. More Comfortable. Supports Up To 300 LBS.



    More About The SportSwings


    To explain more about why SportSwings are the best alternative to regular crutches, let's start with the tip. Regular crutches rest on small, smooth tips. Who feels safe walking on those when you’ve been injured? 

    BigFoot. The SportSwings BigFoot covers 12 times the surface area of a regular crutch tip. The extra size gives you more stability, plus its all-weather tread ensures you can walk on any terrain. Because the BigFoot is large and articulates, it remains in contact with the ground longer than a regular crutch tip. This adds to your stability and balance. Plus the spring-loaded BigFoot absorbs the shock of each step you take, decreasing wear and tear on your foot.

    Ergonomic, palm-down handgrip. Aches, pain, strain. Carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s what you can look forward to on a regular crutch. Traditional crutch handgrips force the user’s wrist into a compromised position. Sometimes the handgrip even comes loose and rotates! And it’s all avoidable, thanks to the SportSwings ergonomic handgrip.

    The SportSwings cushioned handgrip fits snug to your palm to provide more comfort and even weight distribution. It relieves pressure on your hand and wrist, and engages your forearm muscles. This helps reduce fatigue so you can stay comfortable for longer while using your device.

    Cushioned, convex axilla. Traditional crutches are synonymous with armpit pain. Just ask anyone who’s used them! If you can accept armpit soreness, rib bruising, chafing, and nerve damage, use a regular crutch. 

    Dynamo solved the armpit problem by developing a convex axilla that snugs into your armpit, and can actually support your weight comfortably while being used. (That’s a no-no with most axilla-based crutches.) Because of its convex shape, the SportSwings axilla spreads your body weight over the entire length, not just on the outer two points. If you’re looking for an axilla with support, cushioning, and comfort, then SportSwings are for you!

    Patented SwingLink safety tether system. This links both frames and essentially eliminates the Number 1 cause of re-injury while on crutches — the forward slip-out. The SwingLink reduces the risk of tripping, falling, and sudden slip-outs to give you more confidence and superior safety while using the device. 

    How does it work? By creating a pre-set stride that results in a measured, steady gait. As you heal, simply adjust the tether, and eventually eliminate it when you no longer need it. It’s a simple solution to the age-old problem of slip-outs.

    Even the SportSwings frame is superior to regular crutches. It’s wider, which means it can handle up to 300 lbs. 

    The SportSwings’ innovative safety tether system, ergonomic handgrip, wider frame, and articulating foot offer dramatically greater comfort, stability, and performance than traditional crutches.

    SportSwings were designed with you in mind. Order yours today! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Gina M Napolitano
    Great ‘Crutches’

    The larger ‘foot’ really makes me feel more secure.

    Scott S.
    Could be great, but have two flaws in my opinion.

    I wanted these so I could be more active on my crutches after a broken foot. I like to move fast and even work up a sweat. I am no stranger to crutches (used them quite a bit in the past), but I wanted some with more flexibility and traction so I was less likely to slip and fall. These seemed great based on what I read online. However, there are two major problems: 1) The hand grips have no padding/cushion on them at all. The armpits do, however, have decent padding. But when using crutches, you’re not supposed to really be putting weight on the armpits at all. It’s the hands and your forearms where the weight and muscles are being used. But with no padding on the hand grips, it becomes really difficult and uncomfortable after just a short bit when out walking. My hands would start to hurt. They are also shaped in a way to be more comfortable than just a round grip (which is nice, I guess), but that makes finding an external cushion/padding option that will fit them quite difficult. When I reached out to customer service about this, they weren’t very helpful or understanding at all.
    2) These crutches are significantly heavier than your average crutches. Maybe that’s a positive in terms of traction, but defintiely makes it more difficult if/when trying to move at a decent clip. I do wish they were lighter weight.

    The “feet” at the bottom are great, and the “ankle joint” that allows you to plant them down and move/angle the crutch forward are really great. But the previously mentioned flaws made them not at all ideal for what I was looking for. To be honest, I would have returned them if it was an option, but once used, they are not returnable. And though disappointing, I do understand/respect that policy, so there isn’t much I can do.

    Jodie Bolinger
    Does not fit my son but might be great for others

    We recieved the crutches and my son is 5'10". The hand pieces are not in the right place at all and very uncomfortable. He said they are very awkward but they might be perfect for someone else.

    Roberta Lituchy

    I have still not received my order

    Jennifer K
    Heavier than I thought

    The crutches take some time to get used to and are best in wide open spaces. They are called swing because the articulated foot helps to keep you in active walking mode. Not good in my small house with narrow passages.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews Write a review
    • Quotes from Doctors, Physical Therapists, and Customers

      “ . . . allows for a more normal gait without loss of momentum or a long recovery phase that is seen with crutches. My college students hurrying around campus love it.” — Dr. Matthew Langenderfer (about SportSwings)

      “For walking-impaired people . . . this is a life changer.” — Dr. Michael Swank (about Dynamo products)

      CUSTOMER (June 2020) — “They were easy to adjust right out of the box to fit me well. As for features, I particularly liked the back strap that held both crutches together. It provided me more confidence in using the crutch and provided welcomed stability as I walked. If I lost control of one, I would not have to get down on a knee to retrieve it. The 'feet' were more like mini-feet than the poll-like ends of my old crutches. I was much more confident that their large surface area and tread would provide me support and grip most surfaces I might walk on.

      Overall, the Sport Swing features made me feel that I was using a well-designed walking device, not simply what I thought of as a traditional crutch. The word 'device' is the keyword. I found that it gave me motivation and the confidence to move. Its sleek design and available colors added some significant fashion benefits to its functionality. I thought it might actually transform conversations I might have about what happened to me to a 'what is that? It actually did more than once.”

      CUSTOMER (November 2019) — “These crutches made the 6-8 weeks I was injured so much easier. Got compliments everyday on these. It has great support for the palm of your hands. The bottom feet give more stability than the basic crutches and makes standing up, crutching around places more bearable. These would be the only crutches I recommend to anyone.”

      CUSTOMER (January 2020) — “Bought these for my daughter after she broke her ankle. Did a lot of research on what the best option for crutches for kids was and ultimately found the Sport Swings. I'm SO GLAD these exist because they're so much better than regular crutches. The 'SwingLink' is an absolute game changer. The crutches fit her perfectly, she loves the vibrant color, and I have peace of mind sending her to school and other activities.”

      CUSTOMER (November 2019) — “These crutches made the 6-8 weeks I was injured so much easier. Got compliments everyday on these. It has great support for the palm of your hands. The bottom feet give more stability than the basic crutches and makes standing up, crutching around places more bearable. These would be the only crutches I recommend to anyone.”

      CUSTOMER (January 2020) — “I had a full knee replacement done and these were the best. I have had 11 surgeries between knees and ankles so my time on regular crutches is over. I did not use the strap that is supplied. I love the wider foot, better for balance and walking easier. The ergo handles are great as they did not cause me issues with my wrist, elbows or shoulders.”

      CUSTOMER (January 2020) — “The padding on the underarm support is great too, no armpit pain. The nonslip feet keep someone clumsy like me from slipping and moving around is much easier with the strap. I would recommend these to anyone. They’re awesome!!”

      CUSTOMER (January 2020) — “Love how stable they are, the over-sized 'feet' and the dual adjustable sections. Even my surgeon was wondering where I got them, and said the hospital charges more for the crappy ones they give at the hospital.”

    • Care & Maintenance

      BigFoot — Lubricate the foot-ankle “joint” occasionally. Use a dry silicone lubricant; apply carefully so it doesn’t spread to the foot tread.

      All Dynamo products are latex-free.