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Dynamo Universal Pouch



Attaches Securely To Crutches, Walkers, Rollators, and Wheelchairs.

Ideal for errands, day trips, sports, vacation, shopping, school, and more. Lightweight pouch has top-mounted adjustable strap and hook-and-loop tab on each side for secure fastening to the device. Latex free — and resistant to stains, bacteria, and fungus. 

Our handy pouch attaches securely to virtually any mobility device:

  • 2 zippered compartments for keys, money, and credit cards

  • 2 expandable side pockets for phone and wallet

  • Made of water-resistant durable nylon

  • Even holds a water bottle

  • 5"W x 8"L x 1.5"D

  • Available in Gray (yellow trim) and Black (dark orangey-red trim)


    More About The Dynamo Universal Pouch
    PLACEMENT TIP: For lightest weight and best balance, the pouch should be attached as high as possible on a crutch or walker. The higher it’s placed, the lighter it feels.


    Customer Reviews

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    I have sent over three emails telling you guys that I did not receive the package it says it was ...

    I have sent over three emails telling you guys that I did not receive the package it says it was delivered but it is nowhere to be found and I have been emailing you guys almost every day and I don’t appreciate being ignored when I also have other products including the sport swings …..Appreciate my business are you kidding me but we have bought bag and then I’ll give you a reading on it right now summer service sucks

    Customer Reviews

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    • What Customers Say About The Dynamo Pouch

      CUSTOMER (March 2020) — “Nice to have when I didn't have pockets. A purse wasn't easy for me to have when I was on crutches.”

      CUSTOMER (December 2019) — “Was helpful to not carry purse. Liked it.”

      CUSTOMER (December 2019) — “Bought this to put on my mom's walker. It works well. She is able to carry her phone everywhere."

      CUSTOMER (December 2019) — “Has a lot of pockets. Buckles on securely so you don't have to worry about it coming off or being grabbed."

      CUSTOMER (January 2020) — “Worked great. It's a little small but was great for carrying a phone and a few other small items. My daughter was in crutches for a month following knee surgery and this was perfect for letting her carry her phone, the TV remote and her meds as she moved from room to room around the house."

      CUSTOMER (April 2020) — “This is a very good bag. It fit my crutch great and can be adjusted so it fits in a couple of places. It is a softshell nylon, and has a few compartments, and a couple of outside ones that zipper shut, plus the main one (zippers also). The bag is great if you are in crutches. It’s big enough to hold a phone, wallet, keys, and a few other small items. It’s not a tight fit at all."

      CUSTOMER (February 2020) — “This is handy for a few small items when hobbling around on your crutches or with a walker. It fits the essentials- cell phone, pack of tissues, chapstick, car keys. It won't fit much but sometimes it is the little things that you wish you had handy."

      CUSTOMER (February 2020) — “My daughter recently had a foot injury, so she was stuck using crutches around the house and a knee scooter at school. Both of those methods kept her hands full, so it was a challenge for her to carry things around. I ordered this carry pouch for her and it helped a lot! First we tried it out with the crutches. With the velcro, we were able to attach it to the sides of the crutches under the hand part just like it's shown in the first picture.

      It was easy to take back off when she needed to switch to the knee scooter. The scooter was a little more challenging, as the metal structure was too thick for the velcro part to reach around. Luckily the pouch also has an adjustable buckle strap, so we put that around the handlebar and stabilized it a bit by putting one velcro strap around the cords that control the brakes. It worked out well and helped out at school, easily switching back to the crutches when she got home. She was able to fit her iPhone XR and 2 cans of soda in it all at once, so it could hold a decent amount. My daughter reports that she really liked the pouch in both settings and found it very helpful!"

    • Care & Maintenance

      To clean, wipe gently wish soap and water.